Betty Ford, beloved former First Lady, has died

Betty Ford, widow of the late President Gerald R. Ford, died yesterday at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs, CA.

Mrs. Ford was known not only for her grace and devotion to her husband, but for her refreshingly frank support of women's issues -- she was pro choice and strongly in favor of the equal rights amendment. She was also much admired for her public courage in facing private struggles. One month after her husband was sworn in as President following Nixon's August 1974 resignation, Mrs. Ford underwent surgery for breast cancer. By taking her disease public, Mrs. Ford encouraged tens of thousands of women to have mammograms. The push for early detection continues today and the number of lives saved has increased dramatically.

Four years later, Mrs. Ford's family did an intervention with her when her addiction to prescription medicine and alcohol became unmanageable. Again, Mrs. Ford rose to the challenge and became the face and voice that created the Betty Ford Center which opened in late 1982. To date, more than 97,000 patients and their families have been healed here.

Mrs. Ford wrote movingly of these experiences in one of her books, Betty: A Glad Awakening (1987).

The former First Lady was 93 years old.


So sad.

Such a strong first lady.

Very sad but on the other hand she did live to 93 years old

I feel so sad and so sorry for her!(sob)

:-( Sad but at least she got a nice long life.

May her soul rest in peace.

rest in peace :(

She left a legacy to be proud of.

She lived a long and full life. Rest in peace Mrs. Ford.

And let's not forget that we have a treasure trove of information about President & Mrs. Ford just up the road at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. The library will undoubtedly be receiving many more items about Mrs. Ford throughout the coming months.

very sad

Her work will be remembered and she will be remembered for her marvelous contributions to the USA

She'll be in our hearts.

NO GOOD. Hope this doesn't happen to the president soon.

So sad.

pretty sad


She sure overcame a lot. Sad to see her go.