LISTEN!! Digital Music News: Werewolves, Robots in Love, Vlad the Impaler, Canadian Optimism & Majestic Mozart

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The Young Werewolves: Nippy Post-Punk Retro Rock with a Bite
While temptation, redemption and transformation always provide source material for The Young Werewolves, their latest album creeps across new musical ground and showcases the bands quest for sonic exploration and songwriting maturity. Twisting in unique ways, Sins of the Past is the follow up to the 2008 recording Cheat the Devil, produced by horror film star Sid Haig. In recent news, music from this Philadelphia-based trio was featured on Showtime Television in their series Shameless starring William H. Macy.

Music Inside: Funky Bubbling Electronic Pop
With the album Silicon Sandwich, Music Inside opens doors to 10 different electronic worlds. This album will make you dance, close your eyes and scratch your head at times. Highlights include the pulsating beat of "No Time", the haunting atmosphere of "It Feels Like This", the love story of a robot and a spoon in "Curved Side Of The Spoon", and hunting man-eaters in "Cannibals", just to name a few. Silicon Sandwich is a digital musical trip of a different kind.

Canconier: Medieval Music from the 12th to the 15th Centuries
Cançonièr proudly presents The Black Dragon, 15th-century music from the time of the infamous Vlad the Impaler, whose tyrannical rule of Wallachia (Southern Romania) shocked Europe. The album features Michel Beheim's German poem about Vlad's deeds, French and Italian dance music, German songs, music of the Byzantine court, Balkan folk songs, Turkish classical music, the Lamentation for the Fall of Constantinople by Guillaume Dufay, and more.

She Said Save Me: Gimmick Free, Pure Acousto-Folk
She Said Save Me's debut self-titled album is a sincere, inspiring, and heart-warming experience straight from the heart of singer-songwriter Joe Vercillo. Recorded in the attic of a home in Toronto, the raw and pure sound sticks to Vercillo's life motto of keeping it simple and keeping it real. A mix between Acoustic, Folk, Punk, and Pop, all songs possess an extremely intimate, soothing and uplifting feel. Although most lyrics deal with the difficulties of life and relationships, Vercillo's main message in the album is that you can make anything into a good thing.

Willem Brons: Mozart Works by a Distinguished Master Pianist
On this highly acclaimed album, Dutch pianist Willem Brons plays beloved piano works of Mozart. Listen to The Rondo in A minor, with its wealth of intentions and feelings, and the Sonata in F major, in which Mozart links deep emotions to an inexhaustible fantasy. The Fantasie in C minor provides an impressive introduction to the previously composed Sonata K. 457, as there are numerous connections between both works. The sonata is majestic and, especially in the first and last movements, distinctly dramatic. Simply put, this album is beautiful.


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SMV, We do have June Tabor in our CD collection - At the wood's heart and her new CD Ashore. I don't see Cindy Kallet in our collection. Feel free to put in suggestions for our music buyers here.

I think it's great that you partnered with magnatune, and I love that you have suggestions; it's always been hard for me to know where to start with the massive magnatune collection.

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