Make an iPod Cozy!

Come take a stab at hand sewing and jazz up your iPod or MP3 player at the same time. Using colorful felt, embellishment items, and embroidery thread, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind cozy to keep your iPod or MP3 player protected with a handmade case for it. All supplies are provided, and we’ll have patterns and samples to get you going. Feel free to bring your MP3 player if you want to test out your design. Don't have an iPod? No worries, you can make a small case to hold whatever needs holding.

To keep the crafty crafting, check out some books on hand sewing or felt fun.

This DIY event is for Grades 6- Adult, and takes place at Pittsfield on Tuesday, July 12, from 7-8:30pm. See you there!


I love all the crafts you are doing this summer. And thankfully some of them are in the evenings so we can hopefully make it.

This craft sounds really fun!!

cannot wait to go

I have always wanted to make one of these, but never found the time! How ironic is it to finally be given the chance to do so? Thanks AADL!

cool i can make my ipod look cooler


I wish I were there to make one.

I'm so happy this is in an evening. It's great AADL spaces out their activities to accommodate different schedules. Looking forward to attending this after work!

looks like a fun craft!

cant wait.

I hope I can make it!

cute n cozy!


I'm enjoying all the craft classes so far, I know this one will be interesting too. Thanks a lot for organizing all this.

My friend would love this event

I seriously needed one of those, so now I don't have to buy one; I can just make it! Thanks!

Hello crafters! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the hands-on DIY programs happening at AADL. And I'm happy to see the initial burst of enthusiasm for hand sewing and felt! It should be a fun program. Bring your ideas!


This sounds fun.

can't wait

I would love that!

I want to make one!!!

This sounds like a fun DIY. I wish I could make the program! I'll have to find a pattern online.

Looks like fun!

This sounds really fun!


this is sounds fun.

Sounds cool.

I'd love on one of those... if I had an iPod!! But it does sound cool!!

That's so cool! I can't wait to try this awesome craft!!!

OMG! cant wait, i have always wanted to have one ever since i saw a friend with one for her ipod nano, yay

Sounds like fun. This branch of the libabry is to far from me so I can' t join in the fun

Roar. No iPod.


sounds like fun

I am so excited about making a cover for my iPod especially because I take it with me and I don't want the iPod to get lost.

just love those things

i am probably gonna do this my friend madelene and its gonna be so fun for my ipod

I'm quite sad to have to miss this one...




this sounds cool!!

Crafts for iPods, ooh, looks like fun!

Sounds Cool. I'm there!

This is so awesome!!!

Is registration required?

it looks fun

I don't think I can com, but I'm going to try making this at home!


That sounds so awesome
I'd love to go

cherylo, there is no registration.

Just bring yourself and some ideas!

Felting is great! It's a good project for all ages.

This could be useful....

wow- love to go!

well, i'd have to get an ipod first...

wish i could go,,,,would love to hear how this turns out and what all went into it,,,how much does it costs to attend one of these?

it's today

This is so CUTE!

I attended this event and it was lot of fun

Hey BCaraway42, there is never a charge to attend AADL events, hope to see you there!


I attended this event and it was lot of fun

I love the crafts you are offering. Hope to see the woman from the knitting store back again!

sandylib123, I'm glad you attended the event and had fun!

Sounds fun!

this was sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. i would do this at home if we had the supplies (which we do), but i guess this is something you only get to do once in a while

it really was, wasn't it!

Those look so cute ohhhh.... i wish i could have gone!

That sounds so fun I've been looking for a craft to do all summer.

Looks cool!

I made one and it was very useful

Love this I have friends wanting me to make them one of their own.

This was a lot of fun

We had a great time at this event