The Caterpillars Have Molted -- New Summer Game Code Now Available At Traverwood Branch.

If you haven't yet visited the display of live Cecropia Moth caterpillars at the Traverwood branch library, then now's a great time to do so. The caterpillars, currently on loan from the Leslie Science & Nature Center, have recently molted (most of them anyway) and are starting to display some vivid color. To celebrate this monumentous event, we've created a new Summer Game code, and bumped the points up to 450, so be sure to look for the new code when you visit the display at Traverwood. The caterpillars will stick around until they construct their cocoons, probably in another 3 or 4 weeks. Soon after they will return to the Science Center, where they'll spend the winter before emerging as North America's largest native moths next spring.

Updated 7/14: The caterpillars have molted! New game code info at


Thanks for the update. We saw them last weekend and will try to fit in a visit this weekend. I love combining science and reading in one outing!


Our little guys are growing up *Tear*


where are the library game codes?

Hi tree64, the code is located on the caterpillar display.

Molt to adulthood ,caterpillars!!!!!!!!

OMG!! I am so happy! I love animals and I can't wait for them to turn into moths!

thanks for the update. We will try to get by to take a look!

This is the way to learn cool science facts.

Thanks for the info; I can't wait to get over to traverwood so I can see the caterpillars!!!

I think it's really cool that the library is branching out (oh dear, pun not intended) and including real-life displays. Things like this at my childhood library always piqued my interest in a way books alone couldn't, and let's face it, caterpillars are cool. Bravo for the forward thinking, and cheers!


Awesome! I was just going to go over to grab a look at them.

what's the code???

Hey readingking. You need to visit the caterpillars in person at the Traverwood Branch library in order to find the code. If you have trouble finding it when you get there just ask a staff person and they will be happy to show you how to locate the code.

oh, i meant the code for checking into the traverwood branch

I went to the library and didn't see them!


Awesome! Time to stock up on points, haha.

I would love to see them, but the Traverwood branch is so far away. There should be more exhibits at all the branches.

I'm bummed I missed the previous stage! Insect metamorphosis is truly amazing.

They're there lek.denk, we promise. Sorry that you had trouble tracking them down. They are next to the information/checkout desk. If you ask staff at Traverwood they would be happy to help you find them.

When you check in at the branch information desk, then staff can give you the branch code, tree64.

Can't wait to check them out!

ok thanks

Can't wait to see them.

caterpillars?? interesting...i'll have to check it out

sweet. when i went my eyes neerly poped out out of my sockets!!!!!!!

I can't wait to come see these guys!

Definitely going to check it out thanks for the heads up!

Ah... I was just there and didn't even think to look for a code by them. I'll have to look next time!

we did this at our class, so cool

We went there today and they look really cool

Cannot wait to go see them. We hatched Monarchs, but these are much cooler because they look like aliens.



caterpillars??? cool!!!

gotta get that code!

Went and saw them today, love the red horns.

Hey Jody - I went by the other day and the whole display looks fabulous!

That's so cool

Thanks for the update; I'm looking forward to taking my kids to see them!

We stopped by yesterday and they are so colorful! I love the blue ones. Can't wait to see the next stage.

That's cool

I wish i could go...

Ain't life grand!

What a wonderful project! We're raising Monarchs at home. We need to come in and see these caterpillars so we can compare.

Everyone should come to Traverwood right now to see the caterpillars! They are at their peak cuteness. They're bright green, getting roly poly, and have horns in several colors (red, yellow, and blue).


Caterpillars were very cool. Nice addition to things to do at the library. Thanks!

I have to remember to check that out when I go, sounds really neat!



This is so cool! I love catepillars


those caterpillars are so cute

Looks cool!

My kids love watching and can't wait until they are butterflies

wish i could have seen them when they were that small

They are cool.