Ben Franklin and Liberty's Kids, on DVD

This youth animated adventure is set in the 1700s, and stars Ben Franklin and his teenage apprentices… Sarah, James, Henri, and Moses. Originally airing on PBS, Liberty's Kids tells of young people in dramas surrounding the major events in the Revolutionary War days, and aims to educate those aged 7 to 14.

Visit the show’s website, where you can play Liberty’s Kids related games, make your own newspaper, learn more about your favorite character, or watch an episode.

Some of the voice actors portraying famous historical figures include Liam Neeson, Norman Schwarzkopt, Annette Bening, Billy Crystal, Dustin Hoffman (as Benedict Arnold), Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Ben Stiller (as Thomas Jefferson), Sylvester Stallone, and Whoopi Goldberg. Now, that sounds interesting!

This is the last week for AADL's Ben Franklin: In Search of a Better World exhibit. Be sure to have a peek if you haven't already! It's located Downtown, on the 3rd floor, and in the Multi-Purpose Room. For the kids, stop in the youth department and check out our Ben Franklin Renaissance Kid wall! We've got some activity sheets for kids to work on to learn more about Ben Franklin.



Great way to teach kids history.

History is the best thing ever!

I remember watching this is a kid. It's good to know the library has this in their collection. Perhaps my children will watch it as well.

An animated version of Ben Franklin and his teenage apprentices sounds crazy fun. There's just something about animated historical figures. :)

I just put a request in for the first two seasons. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm always looking for high quality TV/videos for my kids because there is so much junk out there.

Gaah! Haven't seen the exhibit!

I used to watch this all the time when I was little.

It's a great way to teach kids history because they don't even know their learning it so they can't put up a fuss!! :)

Sounds interesting! (:

I used to love Liberty's Kids when I was about 6!


Make your own Newspaper, Cool!


Our teacher showed us that video




are teacher made us watch that when we had a sub.

We watched the first few episodes of the DVD last night and my son (10) really enjoyed them. They are fast paced and action-packed so my son hardly noticed he was being exposed to great history lessons while he watched. And it was a good refresher for me as well!

great way to learn history

We've seen some of the videos, and were glad to see that the library owned a few of the books. But sadly, not the entire collection of the books.

This sounds perfect for my kids!