Author Birthdays: Benét, Robbins, Hinton

July 22nd marks the birthday of authors Stephen Vincent Benét, Tom Robbins, and S. E. Hinton.

Stephen Vincent Benét was an American writer probably best known for his short story "The Devil and Daniel Webster." He also won the Pulitzer for his book-length poems John Brown's Body and Western Star.

Benét also wrote an adaptation of the Roman legend of the Rape of the Sabine Women, which he called "The Sobbin' Women." This short story went on to inspire the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Tom Robbins is an American author who has been called a "psychedelic son of Mark Twain" by Booklist. He is known for his novels Even Cowgirls Get The Blues and Villa Incognito.

Robbins also has a collection of short stories and essays called Wild Ducks Flying Backward. Many critics have praised his non-fiction essays in the work for their humor.

S. E. Hinton is an American writer of children's, young adult, and adult fiction. She is best known for her teen novel The Outsiders, about friendship, gangs, and families (featuring a character whose name is worth Summer Game points), which was published when she was only 16 years old.

Hinton's adult fiction includes the novel Hawkes Harbor, which is about an orphan raised by nuns, who later goes out into the world to seek adventure, eventually finding an evil monster in a place called Hawkes Harbor.


I read "The Outsiders." I thought it was pretty good. My friend on the other hand was raving about it. I tried it out and I'm still not sure what I really think about it.?

Happy birthday



I loved the S.E. Hinton books when I was a tween/teenager (back before the word "tween" was used). I must have seen "The Outsiders" in the movie theater at least 5 times. I didn't know that she was only 16 when the book was published. Impressive.

cool. happy birthday to the authors!!

Hap, hap, happy birthday!

Yeah. I remember first reading it in 6th grade in middle school. I ought to to go back and re-read it!



Happy Birthday!

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I loved Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as a kid. I'm vaguely interested in reading Benet's story.

sounds good

Happy B-day!

I loved the movie The Outsiders.

gotta love the outsiders!



Happy birthday!

I'll have to stay tuned through the year to see if any birthdays coincide with my family members.

Happy b-days!