Spy School: Continuing Education

Crafting, sending, and decoding your own spy letters can be a great way to practice writing, reading, and counting skills with an exciting twist! If you were interested by the recent Spy School and Revolutionary War Spycraft events, the exploration and learning can continue through these engaging resources:

First, check out the public lists Codes and Ciphers and Renaissance Kid - Spycraft!. On these lists, you will find a range of items available at AADL. There are books for youth and adults as well as videos for youth.

Next, head to the William L. Clements Library's online exhibit, Spy Letters of the American Revolution. Browse through real spy letters from the 1700s, and learn about the methods of invisible ink, codes, mask letters, and quill letters! Find out the stories of the people behind these fascinating letters, including men and women who spied for and against the American cause. Learn about the history and geography of this time period and the famous and lesser known heroes involved.

For some hands-on fun, practice your own spy letter skills with recipes for invisible ink, instructions for using a dictionary code similar to the code used by the Culper Gang, and a guide to make your own St. Cyr slide (and scroll up and down that page for many more types of codes!). Try sending a Morse code message with a flashlight in the middle of the night. There are forty more codes and spy activities to try in this book! And don't forget, inventing your own code after practicing some of these examples is a great way to stretch your brain and creativity!SpySchoolSpySchool


Great suggestions! My 9 year old will love these activities!

this alll looks really cool!

I really love to pretend to spy with my little brother! This might give me a chance to actually become one! Go spies.. OOPS.. Shhh!

This is a great idea for kids who want to be spies.

That sounds really fun


This sounds awesome!

Are they by chance going to have a return engagement for the Spy School? My 10 year old was sorry he missed it the first time.

Hello jilmac5, I am sorry your son missed the program but thank you for your interest! I would encourage you to submit your request on our Contact Us page. We promptly and carefully review all comments and suggestions received!



Looks cool!

Looks like fun!

hey these guys are on the show mad!

Deciphering coded messages is so much fun. You should check out A Treasure's Trove by Michael Stadther. that's where I got into code breaking first.