Create & Draw Cartoony Characters

Checkered ManCheckered Man

Saturday, July 9 | 1:00-3:00 PM | Pittsfield | Grades 6-Adult

Join Ann Arbor cartoonist Denver Brubaker and creator of Tales of a Checkered Man. He’ll share techniques for creating cartoony characters - how to brainstorm, design, and polish your ideas in a fun, hands-on workshop.

We’ll have all the drawing supplies you need so just come and see what kind of cartoony characters you can conjure up.


COOL!! sounds fun


Sounds like This would be Very interesting to go to! Maybe I'll be able to make it.

I have always want to learn how to draw cartoons. I'll try and come.

Sounds so fun!

looking forward to learning more!!

cool i am so coming




sounds interesting


I think I will try to be here. I'm excited to see the work in progress.

That seems like fun. Maybe I can make it. You never know..........

This looks interesting, and I think it'd be helpful for my 3D modeling. I'll try to be there!

This looks really great

awesome I will try and come


cant wait


Oh yeah!



sounds really nice, we will be there

Sounds like a blast!

Wonder if I'll be the only adult there?? :)

There will be lots of adults at Comics Fundamentals. You will be impressed as I have been to see how many adults in our community love creating visual stories.

Sounds fun, can't wait to attend.



nice we can draw

I hope I can come it sounds like fun!

My friend would really like this.

sounds super cool and fun!


sounds cool but not sure if i want to come just noy my type of fun

I've always admired people who can draw. I wish I was better at it... I should be my mom used to be an artist. :)

I'm not sure anyone who runs the program will read this, but I wish to join this and I'm four days late. Can anyone direct me to an email address or phone number so I can contact somebody? I hope that it's not too late to join!

I love the wide variety of AADL events!

Hi j.branch96, there's no registration required for this event! Just come to pittsfield branch Saturday at 1 PM for the workshop. Let us know if you have any other questions!


That sounds like fun.

i was never a good artist but i hope this will help

wish I could go but I can't. :(

Must be fun!

It was a blast! You might want to come to either Comic Book Academy (Tuesdays 1:00-3:00 p.m.) at Malletts Creek for teens Grades 6-12 or Comics Fundamentals (Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 p.m.) at the Pittsfield Branch. Also, Saturday, July 16 illustrator and cartoonist Jannie Ho will present a hands-on program "Create & Draw Anthropomorphic Characters". This program will be in the Downtown Multipurpose room 1:00-2:30 p.m. and is for teens and adults.