PreK Bits - Precocious Pigs

Ms. Rachel told stories about pigs this week.
The Old Woman And Her Pig is an Appalachian folktale.
The Three Little Pigs is a classic folktale, but we changed the end.
Our piggies scared the wolf away!
We danced the Piggy-Pokey ... put your piggy snout in! and your piggy tail out! you put your piggy ears in, and you turn your self around. That's what it's all about !!
Once your child knows the classic tale, try these turn-arounds:
Three Little Pigs by James Marshall, The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs as told by Jon Scieszka.
If you are a fan of pigs, here are more stories:
"Eat" Cried Little Pig ... but he slurps it and slops it and gets it everywhere!
A Garden For Pig. Sometimes dreams come true, but not always as you might expect.
Chester the Worldly Pig sets his sights on being more than something to eat.


What fun stories!

I'm glad you think so! I LOVE piggies.

I think these programs are great for kids; helping them improve in academic skills in life! Keep on reading because I will totally support you!

Cute pig stories!

Funny stories and titles!

Ms. Rachel? Rings a bell.


Thanks AADl for the awesome programming you offer to all age groups!