Outdoor Survival Training 101 With Bivouac


Wednesday, July 13, 2011: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Malletts Creek Branch: Program Room AB

Ever wondered what to do during emergency situations while camping, hiking and exploring out in nature?

Outdoor experts from Ann Arbor's Bivouac Outdoor Clothing and Gear store will give you the basic survival tips and tricks to keep yourself alive if stranded - rain, snow or shine. They'll also talk about extreme survival tips for the most dangerous scenarios.

Be sure to attend and be prepared for your next wilderness adventure!


great! I'd like to see more outdoors or sports discussions at the library.

This sounds really fun especially because I like camping.

I am just wondering if this is more an adult event/lecture or do you think it would be appropriate to bring some Webelos scouts to listen?

I'd really like to go to this, but an unavailable on the evening this is scheduled. Will there be handouts? If so, how can I access them?

Great! Sounds educational but also fun.

This sounds really fun!

sounds fun!

that sounds so cool, i love camping and survival classes!!! i am a total outdoorsy person

Sounds like a workshop I should go to I have been cought in a couple downpours while I was hiking


This event is appropriate for grades 6-12 and for adults. Hope that answers your question!


We are unsure about whether there will be handouts - but feel free to contact Erin Helmrich for further information. She is our AADL staff member who will be working at the event. Her email is helmriche@aadl.org. Contact her after the event and she will help you with your questions!

Wow! Thanks for offering this great training. Is there a recommended age for this event?

This program is best suited for kids between grades 6-12 and all adults.

Looking forward to learning more about outdoor survival

This looks really fun

Awesome, I would love to go outside and do some outdoor activities.

I did a thing like that, my chocolate cought on fire though :-(

I go camping sometimes, seems important.

This is so great. Bivouac staff know about camping and gear!

Thanks, my webelos are going into 5th grade.

What a great opportunity!

Awesome! Can't wait.

This might be good........

Thanks for this event, I've always wondered what to do if a bear attacks and eats all of your food...


That sounds pretty cool.

That will make my day!

Is there a chance this could be repeated at a later date? I'd like to attend but am out of town that week.

If you'd like to see more of this programming or enough people request to have a second session, we'd certainly take note of it! We appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm for this program!

Ahh, the great outdoors.


yeah. i have horrible camping skills, if you know what i mean

this is cool but i dont like camping much

This is a great program for those who like camping... like me!

Hoping I can go.

sounds fun!

i learned all about this is boy scouts

This is a great idea for a program - and there are so many kids' books about going camping with your family-- what a great combination!

Sounds Fun

I wish I could attend. I would love to attend this event.

I'd love to see another session scheduled. I have a regular commitment every other Wednesday, so I can't make this session.

Hope you can get the Dual Survival guys to stop by and talk about how to escape a black bear attack...

This sounds very interesting!

Wish I could make it! I love the variety of AADL programs!

just watch bear grylls or survivorman and you'll be all set :)

I'll try to make it!


Why can't you?

This is something I wouldn't have expected to see at the library - advice on camping and outdoor survival. Way to think outside the box AADL!

this sounds awesome


cool sounds kind of like winter suvival except in the summer!

wait, there's another survival training event?

There is not another survival event scheduled yet - but keep your eyes on our site to see if it'll come back for another session!

I wish we could have made this - survival skills are important