Avatar @ Animanga Club Thursday, April 12!

What's the coolest type of airbending? Join us this Thursday @ the Northeast Branch from 7-8:30 as we discuss an American spin on anime, Avatar The Last Airbender. We'll watch the DVD of Book 1: Water. Not a fan of Avatar? Come anyway! You can talk about ANYTHING relating to anime, manga, Japan - etc. Snacks and drinks will also be served. See you there!


Avatar is actually a pretty great show. It's got nothing on FMA or Eureka Seven, but it's so much better than other American efforts -- like the craptacular merchandising schlockfest that is Ben10 -- that it should be lauded to the skies.

Appa looks a little too much like Totoro's Catbus, though. Pushes the envelope of homage into ripoff territory.