Ben Franklin: Self-Taught Multi-Linguist!

Ben on IpodBen on Ipod

One of the many fascinating facts I've learned about Ben Franklin is that he taught himself to read French, Spanish, Latin, and Italian. You can teach yourself a wide range of languages just like Ben. Maybe not just like Ben as he surely didn't have the kinds of social networking options that we have now! Byki offers a free mobile app for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android where you can brush up on the language of your choice. There are also social networking components to assist in your language learning on Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs written by native speakers. For links to language learning materials, and books, movies, magazines, and CDs available in various languages through AADL click here!


Cool way to learn new things.

Imagine how much Ben Franklin would have accomplished if he had access to the technology we have now.

That's a fascinating thought to consider.

Ben Franklin is a great role model!

Good old Ben with an IPod would have been dangerous

WOW sweet, i'm gonna get it now!