Comics Fundamentals: A six-week series starts July 6

Jerzy DrozdJerzy Drozd

Wednesdays, July 6 thru August 10 | 6:00-8:00 PM | Pittsfield | Grades 9-Adult

Join cartoonist Jerzy Drozd as he helps you explore illustration and storytelling strategies used by professional cartoonists to create graphic novels, manga, and comic books. Learn how to choose the right moments in your story, how comics take advantage of the rules of art and literature and how the illustration style you choose contributes to the tone of your work.

Basic supplies (pencils, erasers, paper, etc.) are provided along with a weekly gamecode to add to your summer game totals. No registration required.

Miss the first session? No problem. Jerzy has designed each session so you can quickly catch on.



Wow, this looks really cool.

This is guaranteed to be great - Jerzy is not only a talented and enthusiastic artist, he's an engaged and responsive teacher. There isn't a single aspect of cartooning or comics that Jerzy hasn't spent time considering, so he's an ideal person to demonstrate concepts and talk over ideas. He even inspires people who don't consider themselves artists in any way, so don't let lack of drawing ability stop you!

This is a great opportunity! My son has been taking classes from Jerzy at the Ann Arbor Art Center. Not only has he really enjoyed it, but his skills have increased noticeably as well.


Oh, I cannot draw well, but this is just too good to resist, for a creative like me. I'll be there.

This sounds really fun!


Having taken two sessions at the Art Center, I'm sure these'll be great. Make sure you go!

Amazing! I'd love an opportunity like this.



always want to get better at drawing

Whoa...if only I could draw XD

Jerzy is a great talent and a great teacher!

Sounds like fun. Sadly, my drawing skills leave a little something to be desired.

Some of our participants worry about their drawing skills. However, as Jerzy would say, "If you can draw stick figures, you can create comics". Comics creation is about telling a good story visually.

For great stick figure comics check out cartoonist Matt Feazell's "The Amazing Cynicalman" comics at "Matt Feazell's Home-made Home Page".


Jerzy is a really awesome and patient teacher!!


'Fraid in the way of comics I only read a little Garfield.

7/6 is my bday so cool

Darn i wish i could go to this.

Im not old enough :(

Ha! I love comics!



I hope you consider running this workshop next year. My daughter is not quite the right age group yet. :)

There is a Comic Book Academy running on Tuesdays (1:00-3:00 p.m.) at Malletts Creek. It is posted as Grades 6-12 but we have had super motivated younger participants.

great idea for budding artists and readers

Something I always wanted to learn to do. Yeah!!!

sounds interesting.


I love comics!


Sounds like fun!

Awesome now I can become a better drawer.

very cool

This is the first event that I went to at the library last summer, and I am so glad that it is back this year! I love every moment, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about this craft!





way to go


sounds fun!

I mentioned this event to my son but did not mention Jerzy. His response was to ask me who was running the instruction and when I told him Jerzy he was bummed that he would not be able to go. He know his work is great and he is a creative instructor. I also would have loved to attend but I couldn't because I am committed to playing hockey during the class time.

This is awesome!

Wow! Looks fun!


I just watched the YouTube of Comics Are Great! from July 6; what an awesome idea. I wish Wednesdays were a better day for me. I hope that programming like this continues so I can try to make future programs.