Indigo Notebook

Poor Zeeta, whose globetrotting mother Layla has taken them to live in 15 countries. As Laura Resau's teen novel Indigo Notebook opens, Zeeta laments, “It’s always the same, no matter where in the world we happen to be. Just when I get used to noodle soup for breakfast in Laos, or endless glasses of super sweet mint tea in Morocco, or crazy little tuk tuk taxis in Thailand, Layla gets that look in her eyes . . .“

Now mother and daughter are in the Ecuadoran Andes, and Zeeta is helping an adopted American boy, Wendell, find his Ecuadoran birth-father. Indigo Notebook offers lush scenes, adventure and romance, as well as poisonous plants and creatures, and more than a touch of danger and human cruelty. But there is also plenty of parental love and support and peer friendship. Resau -- rhymes with SEE-saw -- writes in the acknowledgments, “Ian, thank you for giving me the support that lets me dream and fly -- I suspect that's why my books tend to involve true love and happy endings.” Resau, who visited AADL in the spring, is a cultural anthropologist and award-winning novelist who once lived in Latin America. Her latest book, The Queen of Water, came out earlier this year.