New Badges! Now with BADGE BONUSES!

New Badges ARE GONew Badges ARE GO

Greetings players! We've got 10 new badges for you today, and these badges come with point bonuses... watch for those big points when you earn a badge!

As you pursue the review series badges, please make sure your reviews are helpful! Unhelpful reviews might be deleted, taking their points with them. If you just want to grind, grind stars!

More badges to come... what are your badge ideas?


Great! I can not wait to playgames, win bages and have fun!!! :)

Would it be possible to define a "helpful" review? Is there a length requirement. Does it have to simply be more in-depth than "I loved it" or "it was terrible"?


Thanks for asking, kittenkat101... I think both "I loved it" and "it was terrible" are pretty helpful reviews. Nonhelpful reviews would be more like reviews like "b" or reviews titles "good" with the review text "good"... although that's almost helpful. Even writing the review "Awesome" on lots of awesome things can be a little helpful. =) I guess we'll know unhelpful when we see it, but there's no length rule. Thanks for playing, guys... and keep the feedback coming!


Wow, great idea to assign point awards to badges. Maybe a badge for finishing the summer game or for earning points from a certain variety of sources? E.g. Finishing a book, rating something, and checking in to a library (3 sources)

I'd like to see bonuses based on the types of books you check out or review; e.g. a biography badge for getting 10 books in the 920/921 call number range, or a science badge for 10 books in the 500s, or etc etc.

Looks great! I can't think of any more badges....but I can't wait for more!

That's a great idea, Ed, and building in support for that kind of badge is in process. We also want to do local author / topic badges... so stay tuned for new badges all summer long!

I'm wondering if there could be badges for use of the reference collection - for instance, if someone were to successfully use the microfilm reader, that should be worth something special; or various local history files and archives. It could be a special code that you got at the reference desks.

I can imagine bonuses for reading and reviewing specific kinds of media - a "book on CD" explorer badge, for instance.

They just come up with so many ways to get points

The badges are awesome! The just keep on coming up with more fun ways to win points!


Maybe a badge for attending a computer class?

I think that it's going to be hard to write 1000 reviews.

just got the giga star master :)

I like the idea of encouraging variety - badges for trying diffrent genres of books or music. My son is really enjoying the game (as am I). Keep up the good work!

This is great it's going to be awesome. I will try to think of some new badges.

That's a great idea! Or get points for checking out some of our unusual items like the energy meters or park passes! What ever it takes, I'm angling for that travel coffee mug.

Me too! And I love the unusual badge idea, since lots of folks don't know about those things. I'd add maps and art prints to the list.

How about badges for checking out art or a poster, for checking out items from different sections (periodicals, graphic novels, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, music/CDs, audiobook, movie/blueray/dvd, nonfiction, teen, children's, Westerns, New Arrivals, poetry, software, Zoom Lends...), for using a locker, for using the request system, for checking out a non-media item (e.g. a power meter), for attending a/any scheduled event (could issue a code, mentioned at the event), for taking a class (ditto), put a code in the reference sections so patrons can get a badge for using reference materials, for using a computer workstation, and/or for using or helping a child use a computer station in children's (put it on the wallpaper or screensaver for the children's section computers)?

Wow, that's a lot of stars and reviews to earn the higher ones. Maybe recording a certain number of movies or books in a genre would earn some kind of expert badge?

Maybe you could add a badge where you request, check out, add to a list, rate, and review some items that are all the same.

They should come up with badges for each event



You could add a tags badge- perhaps for each unique tag, rather than counting the same tag on multiple things, if that would be too many tags. Or as other people mentioned, badges for checking out various materials, or a certain number.

i LUV this program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im having so much fun!!


AWESOME!!! Those are really cool badges.

ithink everything is awesome on here!! it helps kids to read, to!!

maybe you should do this every year but each year make it a little different!! your doing a great job!!!!!!!!!

Can there be a way to get points for us academics? We are stuck inside reading all day, and this makes it more fun! So, maybe some kind of journal- or academic-related badges.

i cant wait to start earning badges thanks for making more

There should be a badge for having your badge idea accepted.



Good idea porglezomp!


if we go to library and buy some books from the "aadl friend bookshop", can we earn badges or get points? does it sound like a good idea?


I think it's a great way to motivate kids to read and research. Maybe a badge idea could be is to request 5 books to the Ann Arbor District Library that aren't already there for 500 points

This is really fun.

That's cool!

I think its boring it star things all day can we have some fun badges?

These badges are really cool!!

I haven't done the new and improved summer reading program before, and i have to say that i love it! The badge thing is a great idea as a way to get people doing more with their library!! :)

I have a badge idea. Maybe there could be a badge called 'Reading Star Master' where if you read like, for example 300 pages or so then you get that badge.
I hope you like my idea! (; Thanks, Noora <33



You could do a mini-scavenger hunt around the site; like the founder badge.

Yeah those one word reviews are super irritating. Take the time to actually give your opinion!

My family is lovin' this game - fun!!!

sooooooooooooo many ways to earn points



Love it!

I love new badges! I can't wait to try to get them!


get set gooooooooo



so many ways to earn points. It's almost overwhelming.


Great badge so far. I love being a sleuth


Would it be possible to define a "helpful" review? Is there a length requirement. Does it have to simply be more in-depth than "I loved it" or "it was terrible"?



the bonuses are helpful

I'm kinda confused about the mystery items, are they already in the shop or are they still waiting to be released?


I think there could be a badge for finding a missing book in an AADL collection. Like if the library has all the other books in that series, except for that one missing book. Maybe there could also be a badge for helping to sort out the library catalog better, such as finding wrong tags, labels, or titles. A suggestion is maybe a like or dislike button? For everybody, that is, not just for Facebook users. Because in my opinion, that is a lot more clear than just a star rating.


I think there should be a badges for reading 100 books. That way people will want to read more.

I am totally having fun! Hope they do it next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say I like Smiles' idea of badges for reading books (and perhaps watching or listening to materials?), whether it uses pages/minutes for metric or just plain books.

whoever invented this badge game is a genius.