Summer Screen Printing Workshop

During this hands-on workshop you'll view a presentation on how screen printing works, and will then get a chance to screen print onto paper or cloth. You’ll have a choice between printing an original Summer Game design onto a tote we supply (or a cloth item that you bring in), OR you can print a different Summer Game design onto paper to create a print. That’s right, we’ll have two of Jannie Ho’s AADL Summer Game designs and two screen printing stations set up, ready for you to DIY.

To keep up with screen printing, check out these books as a resource.

This DIY event is for Grades 6- Adult, and takes place at Pittsfield on Wednesday, June 29, 7-8:30pm. See you there!



the summer reading program is so awesome, i have been doing it since i was a little girl!

This is a great idea.

I agree that its a great idea

yes. i l ike it and also if they have this event in all other branches that'smore helpful for the peoples living close to other branches.

I LOVE the interaction our patrons are having on!

Wow I've never heard of this before, looks like fun!

I'm happy to see the enthusiasm for this event! Screen printing is quite fun, and it's great to see the process in action.

See you there!

Sounds like fun.


this is a neat idea

this is cool

this is so cool

Sounds like fun, I will have to go!

Sounds real fun!

i love it


Wish this were open to younger kids. I'd love to bring my daughter to it, so we could both try.

Cool, I'd love to see how it works!

I wonder if "supplied" means that it is free? I am totally coming to this.

The ages listed are more of a suggestion. That is how old they think you should be to enjoy and appreciate the event. Ifyou wanted to come with your daughter I'm sure they wouldn't have any objections.

I hope that the print you can make is the one in the picture! it is so cute! I'm debating whether to just use the tote, or to bring my own t-shirt or something...

I've never heard of screen printing before. My mom and I are planing to go to it if we can. Sounds like a lot of fun.


\m/_ (-_-) _\m/

Jannie's design is amazing. Summer Game is awesome. GO AADL!

This sounds really cool!!!! I can't wait to do it!

Screen printing is really awesome!


This sounds really cool

Me Too!

racoonacon1236, the event is free, and it is for those in Grades 6 through Adult.

SUPAH FUN. I'm excited, hopefully I can come :)

Please feel free to bring your daughter with you. Younger school-age kids are fine with an adult to help. Just be aware that this can get messy.

I think this is so cool!
I might participate

I love all of the hands-on events you make available free of charge. What a wonderful resource for the community!

This was really fun! The ink glows in the dark and in my favorite color BLUE!

I had a great time learing how to screen print. It was such a blast seeing people I know, and meeting new people.The best part was when I made it, and saw how it came out.

Thank you for attending! I'm glad you had a good time. And yes, that glow-in-the-dark is pretty cool. I'm glad we went with that kind for the totes.

i wish i could have attended

Great event!!! I just wish I could have put the elephant drawing on a tote bag!

Lea, glad to hear you enjoyed the program. Thanks for attending.


:) Another program that I find interesting that I will not be able to make :) Hope everyone that makes it has a great time!!


sounds awesome

it was fun



I really wanted to go to this