Super Summer Game Update!Super Summer Game Update!

Thanks to everybody who's signed up for the Summer Game so far! We're off to a great start, and we've got a few updates for you today and more coming yet this week, including NEW BADGES and BADGE BONUSES! But first, an update to the points scoring page, and some news about much-needed MULTIPLE PLAYERS PER ACCOUNT!

So, as you can now see when you click the "I've read / watched / listened to etc" button on your player page, or click "I've finished this" button on an item in the catalog, we've made the points entry form able to optionally record time spent or pages read, plus a 100 point bonus when you finish an item. So, you can enter time or pages daily, or when you finish an item, or not bother with time and pages at all, just taking the 100 point finishing bonus per item. Let us know what you think about this approach by leaving a comment on this post!

Then, we're hard at work on adding an "add player" button to your player page, allowing you to add extra players on your account who can each earn their own points. There's one catch, though: extra players attached to your account won't be able to earn automatic contribution points for reviews, ratings, comments, or tags, as those are all keyed solely to the main player on the account. If you have extra players in your house who'd like to earn automatic contribution points, they can just create a new account (email isn't required) and signup for the game there to have all scoring options available. Don't forget, you can always click "log out" in the top right corner of any page to log out of your account and then log in to another. If you have any questions about this, ask away by leaving a comment, or as always, feel free to contact us.

Thanks again for playing the Summer Game! Keep the ideas and the points coming, and have fun with YOUR library this summer!


oh ya I get to earn more points


super cool

I really like the ability to enter the number of pages read as well as just that I finished the book. Also, I've noticed that some players have points for adding a star rating, but I can't figure out how to add one myself. Will someone please tell me where that function is?

If you accidentally report something that you didn't do, can you delete it?

j.carbon06, to rate an item, just go to the page for any item in our catalog, and click the number of stars under the cover that you think that item should have, from 1 - 5 stars! Give it a try and let us know if you have any trouble. clacroix, we don't have a delete function yet but that's on the list and coming soon. Thanks again for your comments and feedback, all, keep it coming!


Thanks for adding the minutes read feature! Now if I can just figure out how to get checkouts recorded for points . . . .

Thanks, this helps. The stars weren't appearing there earlier.

What are badge bonuses?

BADGE BONUSES means that some badges will come with a points bonus when you first earn them! We hope to get that feature out yet this week. Stay tuned!


This is awesome!

This is really awesome!!! I especially like the 100 points bonus feature.

How can I add my two children to the summer games? I was told I could do it under my email address but I'm not to sure how. I've added me through my account. Do I need to set up accounts for my children? If so how as they don't have libary cards?
Sorry so many questions

No problem, Tracie! If you visit your My Players page at [, at the top of the page, above your player details, you'll see a link to Add extra players. When you click that link you'll be able able to add additional players to your account without a library card. Thanks for playing band let us know if you have any trouble!



im glad they updated it


The summer reading program is so awesome, and i think that the new way to do the program for teens is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how do you enable the checkout history thing to earn points for items you check out? I have the "record check-outs" box checked but none of the new items I've checked out since I registered for the summer game have shown up in my points total.

kremen: You'll have to visit your "Checkout History" list on the main My Account page in order for the list to fill. If you've already signed up for the Summer Game, it'll add points to your player score card at that time.

i think so

The idea of earning points for finishing something is great! What a great way to get the family reading!! Thank you

I love this new bonus feature!!!

Thanks for adding the "minutes read" feature!

This is fun. Thank you!

Looks cool! This is turning out great.

At first, when I completed the form, it seemed like recording the time spent reading didn't earn points. But then I figured it out.

Am I correct in assuming that the "I finished it" button is intended for items you've read, watched, listened to during the course of the summer game (unlike, say, writing a review which could be for any book you've read in the past)?

how do u win prizes???

Can't wait for the prizes!

Hi Adimarzo, you're right; the I finished it button is for things you read, watch, listen to, etc, during the Summer Game. You'll also get points for reviews you submit during the summer game, but it doesn't matter when you read / watched / listened to the thing you're reviewing, although we do prefer that you've read, watched, or listened to the things you review!

You'll be able to redeem your points for prizes starting next week when the Summer Game Shop opens on July 5th, so stay tuned! You can also get prizes by completing our paper game and taking your completed game to any desk. Thanks for playing, everyone!

i really like this idea

I'm very impressed with how honest some people are about only caring about getting points. Its funny enough in some cases, that it almost makes up for the comments having no content!

Edit: this appears to have ended up out of context. Is the reply button identical to the new comment button?


I think that this program is a great way to encourage kids to read throughout the summer. It is helpful to the teachers as well because the students will have good grades in reading.

that's pretty cool




the summer game program was pretty cool!!

I almost didn't sign up, but I'm sure glad I did!! :)

Super summer game rocks!!

My family is really enjoying the Summer Game! AADL events and acivities have always been fun and creative but these are the best yet!

i still don't understand how to get the founder finder badge

nevermind, i found it

you should be able to add a 0 star rating for things that you really don't like


like what?


more points is always good!



Summer Game rocks!


i love this summer game program it makes me want to read all day.
i think this is the best thing the library freinds have ever made.


super duper cool!!!!

this is really cool. i wonder if other libraries do this, or if we're the first?

i wish some activities weren't on the same day. i would have to choose between good ones and i don't like that

Who cares about points when it is all about the fun!!!

i love this

the bes thing the library has ever done

This game is so much fun

Can you make it possible to share points between accounts for shop orders? It might make if not this year's, then next year's summer game more AWESOME!!!!!! Like maybe have a code show up on each player page when requested and then have both people enter the other's code to acknowledge reception and permission of the sharing and who picks it up.

Wait a minute, kremen. I'm having the same problem. Maybe the list has to be public.

hi smv,

you can share points between accounts now by letting us know which accounts you want to transfer between via the contact us form. that's a great idea for how two players can share points themselves next year. we'll look into it!