Beach Read 2011

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School is out and the longest day of the year is here. The sun is hot and the water is calling. Time to pack the beach bag. Want some suggestions?

Every year, I look forward to the NPR's recommendations of summer books. I especially like the Indie Booksellers Target Summer's Best Reads for an insider's take on what is good that might not hit the bestseller lists.

This year O's (Oprah) Summer Reading Lists go for wide appeal. You are bound to find something to your liking.

These are what the editor's of the New York Times Book Reviews are reading for pleasure this summer. Check out their recommendations in the great big Summer Reading issue.

New Yorker Magazine wades in with their own Beach Reads for (Almost) Everyone.

I also like this year's Summer Beach Reads from Goodhousekeeping. Great current titles.

Just to prove that writers are avid readers, here is Stephen King's month-by-month summer reading list. Boy, is he organized!

Hey, if you are going to spend a lot of time in the car, try Summer’s Best Audio Books recommended by the Washington Post, and Library Journal's Best Audiobooks. Want more? Here is a list of the Top 100 Audio Book Bestsellers.

One last thing..... don't forget to sign up for the Summer Reading Game. Here's how to get started. You can actually earn points and get stuff for having fun. Really. For grown-ups too.


Thanks for these great lists! We are always looking for good books for our book club and I hope to have more time to read this summer for myself as well.

Great list of lists! Especially for summer. Thanks, muffy.


Great lists! I'm always looking for more books.

These lists are great. Thanks!

always loved browsing through npr's list of summer reads. so many interesting books, so little time!

Looks like there are some great lists here. I will be referring to some this summer

Great list of books! Thanks!

Cool!! I'm excited to read a lot this summer. Thanks for the list!

More and more books to read! You can never read too many books.


These are such great recommendations. When am I going to find time to read them all? ;-)

So many good reads; so little time!

cool. nice.


ooh nice

Summer is such a great time for reading! I love camping and reading in my tent as the sound of nature surrounds me. I've never had a great beach experience though...

I like the name muffy.