Chess Strategies and Tips


Come to this strategy session, led by chess expert, Jennifer Skidmore! Learn key tips to master the chess board, and then, play some chess!

This event compliments the Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World exhibit (which will be on display at the Downtown Library until July 8. According to Ben Franklin, "The Game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement; several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired and strengthened by it."

Thursday, June 23 | 7 - 8:30 PM | Downtown-Multi-Purpose Room | Grades 4-Adult


Chess is a lot of fun and I can't wait for the event.

Chess is one of the best games to learn how to play, and this event seems like a great way to learn about it.

I'd be happy to see a recommendation for good books for beginners for learning chess - any suggestions?

I want to learn....

here's 2 titles that are fairly new and look to be a good solid introduction:
Chess in Action: From First Attack to Checkmate, and Chess Fundamentals: Completely Revised and Updated For the 21st Century.
Jennifer Skidmore, who is doing the program for the library on 'Chess Stragtegies and Tips' is a wonderful teacher and may have other basic suggestions as well.
Hope to see you on June 23rd.

Hopefully I can brush up on some openings...

I like playing chess and am looking forward to this event.

Chess is awesome!

Me to I can't wait.

I agree it's a lot of fun too.

My son and i will be there! Besides the library chess meet ups, are there other drop in chess games for 10-year-olds?

I love chess

I'm not too great at it, but it's still fun.

I will be there to.

Hi, Glad to hear that you'll be attending the chess program on the 23rd. During the school year months (Sept. thru May) the library hosts a drop-in chess time at Traverwood branch. Tpyically the second Sunday of the month. It's for all ages, so it's listed in all the library brochures. The person presenting at tonight's program, Jennifer Skidmore, is a highly rated player, as well as a teacher of chess. She may know of other venues for kids to hook up with chess games in the area.

i love chess

chess is awesome and lots of fun!

I totally agree with you.

I was never good at chess..but I know of a few people that would love to go.

Chess is really fun!


I always lose in chess