AADL Summer Game Begins!

Summer Game CroppedSummer Game Cropped

Get Started playing AADL's all new Summer Game for All Ages today! Earn points for using YOUR library, going to events, reading/listening to books, watching movies, posting reviews! Get prizes for completion (kids get a mid-way prize, too). Get the details at play.aadl.org!


I've been waiting for this since my school got out a week ago! This year's program looks particularly juicy, because it looks like there are some awesome prizes. Plus, it encourages kids to read books, and use their library cards regularly.

Yay for the Summer Reading Game! Don't forget, you can earn points for posting comments (like this one), too.

It's fun to get prizes for something that I like to do

I'm so excited for the summer game this year! :)

I'm excited too! The Summer Reading Game is Fun for ALL!

This is going to be great!

This year's SRG rocks!

The prizes this year are AWESOME, 'cause they're raffling off some cool stuff. There's an iPad and a 3DS in the raffle.

I have been looking foward to the summer reading program all this year. I love the new aspect to the program that it gets the particpietnt involved in all aspcets of using our library and I think that is so inportant now sience computers are playing such a big part in our lives it allows the participent of the summer reading program to come to the librabry and check out books, music and movies and it also allows us to use our computers to reserve materials we are looking for and it also allwos us now to get involved in our community more. I hope this format of the summer reading program continues but next year I think that the library needs to have some sort of app avaible to the participents of the summer reading program so we can use our smatr phones to. So in conclusion so far the summer reading program is much more fun and a suggestion to improve next years summer reading program think about creating a app for smartphone users so it can be mucn more interactive that way to.


What a mouthful.

Well, I have to say that Iliked the old program much better. Now other people can cheat! That doesn't make it fair for all of the other children.

I don't do the summer reading for the points, I do it because reading's fun! I also do it so my reading level won't drop.

Great way to keep folks engaged in using the library during the summer.

I've been waiting for this all year!

I am stunned by how much I agree.

I agree this is a lot of fun.

I like the new program it makes a lot of people read.

I think the summer reading program is going to be a great opportunity for kids to read and earn prizes (which I've heard are amazing).

I have been looking forward to this all year!!! I know this will be awesome.

This is brilliant - nothing like giving people incentives to figure out the whole catalog by making it into a game.

Agree, agree, agree.

I am so excited because I get the chance to win prizes for something that I do all the time anyway!!

Also on top of that I have to read at least 2 books (one of which has to be the hobbit) over the summer, so it is not like it is any more work than it would be if I hadn't of signed up.

can anyone tell me how to rate a book in the catalog?

It's okay I worked it out.

This year will be awesome!

my whole family looks forward to the summer reading programs, but this year it looks like an amazing and very fancy one!
we cant wait to get started!

I do this every year! I can't wait!

I am so excited to receive rewards for reading and using the library!

Makes ms wish I was a kid or teen, they get better prizes. But I guess I should be happy older folks can play!

I love to read so this is great for me!

I just got my account for the Summer Game.

i love summer festival, i clapped my hand with the music. i like playing hula loop also. i had a great time.

Great new way to play!

Last night's concert was fantastic! Thanks so much for co-sponsoring the kids' music at Top of the Park. Any chance we could have some storytelling in the Kids Zone??

Just got signed up I can't wait.

I am going to enjoy this!

Awesome! I can't wait...I just signed up.

I highly agree it has kept me engaged more than other years

It's fun to earn prizes for just reading!

My daughter has been waiting to sign up for the last few weeks when someone came to talk to them about it at school! She (and I) both participated last year as well.

Yeah! :D Go points! I love this thing cause you can get a free book every year and more! Yay reading! :DDD

Moved to AA a year ago and I'd say one of the my favourite things about the city is the library. Just love it!

Good stuff!

the game is really great! i really like how u get points for all the different things u can do. but just saying, this is a LIBRARY game and generally the point of libraries r to get ppl to read. i know libraries have movies, but the point of them r the books. so why is this game letting u watch "something cool"? ppl do that anyway. u dont need to motivate ppl to do that. and youtube? really? that has nothing to do with reading.

i know that this will be very fun!


My son (and I) do the summer reading game every year but he's much more excited this year because he gets to use the computer as part of the game - anything that involves the computer is awesome to a 10 year old!

The layout looks beautiful! Great work all.

I am always so excited to be able to get a free book!!!

Are we supposed to find the codes in the libraries? If so, does anyone know where they are?

Great idea to encourage folks to use the library

Thanks for all the great comments, all! And big thanks to those of you who came to our kickoff concert last sunday! To answer a few questions from upthread: you can find the code for each AADL location by asking staff at any desk! And also, there will be some of the youth prizes available in the shop when it opens July 5, so if you're looking longingly after the silly putty eggs or sand bucket, don't despair! And as for storytime at Top of the Park, it's a really tough activity to pull off under a loud tent. So we've come up with a special activity designed to be pulled off under a loud tent. Come to Top of the Park this Sunday from 5 - 8 PM to check it out; I guarantee badges will be involved.


Great way to get everyone excited to read!

I love Jannie Ho's illustrations! Well done for going with such a fantastic local artist for the look of the Summer Game this year!

I am signed up, fellow staffers!

yes finally a chance to when something good while reading books

The new internet format intrigues me.

It's awesome

This is helping people in ann arbor read more so I like this program better then last year.

I am Exited about this… I started today and its really fun! :)

super fun. i think im addicted with trying to beat people on the leaderboard.

this is gonna be hype!

My kids are so excited to read booksvthis summer! Thanks!

this game never gets old



I agree! its fun to have a prize just because you read something :)


This new internet version is intriguing...

Where are the codes at the libraries? I want to get them!

It's finally come!

this is so different, new, fresh, why couldnt you come up with this idea earlier?????

Hey rkm, just ask at any desk for the building code! Thanks for playing, guys, so glad you're enjoying it.


Encouraging use of the library as an important community resource is always a good thing.

Wow this is pretty new to me but it sounds very exciting. It encourages kids to do something over the summer instead of sitting on the couch all day and watching TV. The prizes and raffles were a wonderful addition. It certainly got me working this summer!

What are the starting/ending dates for the Summer Game?

My kids are excited!

Hi sdunav, the start date was June 17th, and the end date is August 21st. Have fun!

Cool!! :)

read books

i read ten books, and got my final prize. i love the book i got. thank you!

Thanks for playing Thalys!

hello i want to win the i pod touch

This is my first time participating the summer game and I'm having a lot of fun keeping track of what I read and watch for prizes!!

this is a great thing to do during the summer

We love the library summer reading program! Didn't know it would be so different this year. . .we are learning! :)

Having fun at the Summer AADL Games!

Loving it.