Write Songs That Rock! With The Board Of Education

Rock songsRock songs

Ever wanted to perform a song you wrote yourself? Learn the tricks of the trade from the Seattle-based band, The Board of Education. BOE lead singer, children's novelist Kevin Emerson and his bandmates will give you some great tips at this songwriting session.

After jamming with them here, be sure to catch their performance at the library's summer reading kick-off event at Top of the Park later that night!

This event is co-sponsored by the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and 826Michigan.

Sunday June 19, 2011: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room



Love them.

great band

I'll have to go see them play


this is nice


just awesome

Awesome! Sounds cool.

this is great

this is cool

this is the best


i love this

I can't wait to write lyrics to a song! When I was little I always wanted to write a song and now with this program I can actually do it! Boy, am I excited to go to this program!



Oh!! having lot of fun



that's so cool1

Sounds cool; wish we could come!

826michigan rules!




Can I make a song about swimming lessons? I already sing anyway.


They always say, "write what you know" so perhaps you should "sing what you know" too! The song-writing workshop has already occurred but that's no reason to keep you from writing your tunes!

I wish i went :(

me and My friend write songs all the time.


This is so exciting!!!!

Cool,I can write songs again!

I wish i could've went... :(

Can't wait


Will the Board of Education perform in next year's summer game?

I really hope so.

Me too...

this is the very first post/whatever, and we are still commenting on it.

I know

Hello jerryy! I haven't seen any of your comments before...
Is this your first year playing the Summer Game?

Uh. You shouldn't batter everyone that seems "new" with questions.

Sheesh! It's just nice seeing someone who's not as "active" become "active".

they might not actually become "active", maybe they're just randomly commenting

Like me!

oh really?


But I've seen your comments on a lot of other posts, and they weren't random, they were actually part of the conversation. You've started to play seriously now (getting to be an active player with comments and everything).


Does anyone realize that this is the FIRST post in all Summer Reading game?

I did.

same here.....

And we're only on the first page...

it's been awhile, yet this post doesn't have as much comments as the other Old Posts.

Probably because no one posts on these except us....

This post is what separates the obsessed people (no offense) from the not-so-obsessed people.


Yep. :)

So now we know that Morgsush and Zhengyang1022 are obsessed with the summer game...

Smiles wanted me to post here, so yeah...

wow.... the first ever summer game post.....

not exactly... they've put in older posts that weren't there before