TV Shows: It’s Time to Party Down

The 30 minute comedy Party Down features a group of six LA actors trying to break into the acting business but end up working as caterers for Party Down Catering. You can’t help but like the quirky, pessimistic characters as they handle each day, and still manage to work together as a team, pulling ahead as things go wrong and hilarity ensues. Each week features a new party (and eccentric clients) to prep for, as the crew mingles with guests and deals with their own mundane drama while they continue to look for acting work. The comedic styling of actors Ken Marino and Jane Lynch just make the show more insane.

The show comes from the same creator as Veronica Mars, and also shares some common actors, writers and directors. There is also crossover with actors, writers and directors from Freaks and Geeks and The State, so there’s solid comedic background. Party Down originally aired on Starz and was cancelled after two seasons, so this is all we get. Season one is now avaialble at AADL.


Ken Marino! Sold.

Will the library also be adding the second season?



thats cool i wouldn't mind watching that on tv, it seems funny.