AADL Used Equipment Sale! This Saturday, 9 AM - 1 PM!

Here at AADL, we work hard to keep the best, most up-to-date equipment on the floor for our users. That means stuff wears out quickly, and periodically, we round it all up and have a HUGE equipment sale with great stuff at amazing prices! This Saturday, 6/11, from 9 AM to 1 PM, come to the multipurpose room in the lower level of the downtown library for some AMAZING bargains on computer equipment and furniture. All sales are final, as-is, cash and carry only. We will have a test bench set up for you to test things before you buy, but we can't help with that. Here are just a few of the items available at this year's sale: check our twitter at http://twitter.com/aadl for pictures! Come early for the best deals!

- TONS of 15" LCD monitors, $5
- LCD touchscreen monitors, $10
- OODLES of cables, drives, mice, keyboards, printers, and other peripherals, $1
- a CYBEX 8-channel, 2-headed KVM with cable sets for only $10
- Digital Cameras of Yore, $5
- upholstered sled-base chairs, $5
- Steel filing cabinets, $10
- The old Malletts Locker System, $40
- old-school steel desk, $20
- Pop-up power & ethernet drops for table mounting, $1 each.
- Wyse winterms, $1 each
- DEC VT420 monochrome (orange) serial terminal, works great, $10
- 1997 DEC Alpha Server, no HDD, with tape backup & OS CD, $50
- HP procurve network switch, $40
- HP Proliant Rackmount server, no HDD, $40
- Handspring Visor proto-PDA, $1
- Rackmount hubs & switches, $10
- Misc Servers, No HDD, $20
- TONS of Desktop PCs of varying vintages, no HDD, $10

Plus other surprises. Don't miss this rare opportunity to pick up some great stuff for a song! 9 AM this Saturday at the Downtown Library. Cash only!


This sounds amazing!


I'm sorry to have missed this; I would have liked to come and browse; I hope the sale went well for you.



sounds fun

This was great, I went to it!