LISTEN!! Digital Music News #6

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Jive Ass Sleepers: Chilled out grooves & uptempo funkathons
Jazz Funk lovers rejoice! Funk Factor is packed full of laid back funk grooves and soulful jazzy moods. Blending a retro seventies vibe with a modern twist, infectious melodies on guitar, horns and keyboards are served over toe tapping rhythm sections. Tight production with a gritty edge, this is the perfect album for all Acid Jazz fans who dig music from artists such as The Crusaders, Brand New Heavies, Ronny Jordan, George Benson and Jeff Lorber to name a few.

Mexeena: Achingly beautiful, almost edible
The album Ether is strangely compelling. Embark on a musical exploration with Mexeena's soft vocal guiding you down a faintly familiar path. Encounter sparse acoustic guitars freeing themselves from the darker, textured recesses. Follow your senses as you continue through stimulating, yet calming, tracks. Go ahead, breathe in the turquoise air. Find found sounds and pulsing beats, and cast out bad dreams while you absorb yet another melody.

Misericordia: Sickeningly good Medieval music
Passion, Pestilence and Polyphony brings you music and song from the dark and troubled fourteenth century. From the rhythmic drive of bagpipes, hurdy gurdy and percussion, to haunting three part polyphony via solo voice accompanied by gothic harp, this recording includes complex instrumental istampitas, love songs by Guillaume de Machaut, and music from England, France and Italy.

Damsel Down: Rock to take the top down and drive to
Damsel Down's debut consists of ten uplifting songs with heavy gritty guitar, hard hitting rock drums, low warm bass, and smooth vocals. As the title suggests, Now We Rise seeks methods of resurrecting from trials and tribulations. From smooth ballads to songs that make you want to get in your car and burn up the pavement, Damsel Down hopes you enjoy the ride.

Moh Alileche: Music of the mountains of Kabylia
All songs on In Memory of a Hero are sung in the ancient native North African language, Tamazight, incorporating the use of instruments common to that region, namely the mondol, bendir, banjo and flutes. Alileche (pronounced "ali-LESH") blends his soulful, emotionally charged, passionate voice to hypnotic rhythms, captivating melodies, and entrancing beats. The album highlights the need for conscientious resistance to authoritarian regimes that undermine human rights, and is dedicated to late singer and activist, Lounes Matoub, who was assassinated in Algeria at the age of 42.



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