Author and Psychoanalyst Hans Keilson dies at 101

Hans Keilson, before he became a renowned author last year, was better known as a psychoanalyst and an expert in childhood trauma.

A German-born Jewish doctor, Keilson's medical career was halted with Hitler coming to power. Keilson fled to the Netherlands and joined the Dutch Resistance as counselor for children orphaned by the Holocaust.

His two books gained critical acclaim worldwide after author Francine Prose gave praise to Keilson's books in the New York Times. His first book, Comedy in a Minor Key, was first published in 1947 and re-released in 2010 was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award.

His second book, The Death of the Adversary, was published in 1959 and became an instant best seller. It gained a brief moment of attention in 1962 after being translated into English and was considered by New Times Magazine as one of the ten best books of the year.



rest in peace :(

so sad

Sad but at least he had a nice long life to live.