Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? Jason Shiga has created the ultimate interactive comic; YOU decide which flavor of ice cream Jimmy should eat, chocolate or vanilla. Choose wisely, the fate of the world is at stake. One of the choices leads Jimmy to Professor K., inventor of the Killitron 2000, the SQUID memory transfer device, and a time travel machine. Which path leads to the doomsday device and which to Ultima (the land of immortality)? Explore the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics as you follow the tubes and tabs to lead Jimmy through space and time. With 3,856 story possibilities, Meanwhile is the only book you'll need for that long summer road trip.


This sounds interesting. Anybody read it??


I absolutely adored his comic "Bookhunter," which I strongly recommend to all biblio- and library-philes.

This actually sounds really cool.

sounds fun!