African American Downtown Festival & the history of African Americans in Ann Arbor

This Saturday, June 4th, will be the annual African American Downtown Festival in Ann Arbor! The festival will be a multicultural and multi-generational celebration of African American history in Ann Arbor. The location of the festival (4th and Ann) is significant due to it being the historical epicenter in Ann Arbor of African American owned businesses, culture and family life. Fun times to be had by all!

If you're interested in doing some research into the history of African Americans in Washtenaw County, the AADL has several resources for you:

Additional local resources include:


This sounds & looks interesting!!!!!

Thanks for the resources!

Appreciate the links to resources!

I'm so glad AA has the depth of events it does - what an opportunity for us!

looks cool

I first learned of the festival when we wandered into it in downtown. Thanks for the resources!