LISTEN!! Digital Music News #3

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Kalabi: Chillout music for late nights and early mornings
The Reclaimed Property albums (Volume one and Volume two) represent five years of chill out and trip hop from Kalabi. Mixing multi-layered ambience with deep dub bass and head nodding beats to create "nice music for tired ears", these tracks are designed to relax, with no nasty noises or scary samples.

La Nuova Musica: Vocal and instrumental chamber music
Italian singer and composer Giulio Caccini (c.1550 – 1618) took part in the sumptuous "intermedi" of his time, the elaborate dramatic and musical spectacles that were one of the precursors of opera. He was hugely influential, training dozens of musicians to sing in a new style. La Nuova Musica, the vocal and instrumental ensemble dedicated to the music of the European Renaissance and Baroque, now celebrate his style and influence with their album Il Circolo Di Giulio Caccini. Exquisite.

Nathan Mathes: Melody-driven indie-folk
Nathan Mathes can best be described as an indie-folk singer-songwriter, in the vein of Elliott Smith and Iron and Wine. American Whitecaps, his first solo album, was recorded in his basement studio in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Along with the record, Mathes released an accompanying book, Thoughts On And The Making Of American Whitecaps.

Jasmine Brunch: A secret garden of lucid musical dreams
Jasmine Brunch is a solo project of the award-winning composer Ben Rusch. The music is perhaps best described as cliché-free New Age instrumental music that lovers of piano sounds will find particularly interesting. A Definitive Collection of Lucid Dreams offers hauntingly beautiful, evocative melodies inside a wonderful variety of acoustic arrangements. Jasmine Brunch will especially appeal to fans of Raul Di Blasio, Philip Glass, Carl Doy and Michael Nyman.

Breaker: Grit, guts, gall and granite
It's not often that you can strip a rock record of its vocals and find something just as worthwhile underneath. Breaker defiantly challenges the stigma of rock instrumentals by inviting listeners to experience their debut album, The More I Want, The More I Get without vocals. Within the lush landscape of gutsy guitars and propelling grooves, you're free to imprint your own story upon this dynamic hard rock collection. (Can’t live without lyrics? Check out the version with vocals.)

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