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Discover new albums, artists and genres with the AADL's music download service; available through a relationship with the digital music publisher Magnatune!

You have the choice of streaming audio through the AADL catalog or downloading music directly onto your computer, grabbing either individual songs or entire albums. All of Magnatune's music is DRM free, which means there is no limit to streaming or downloading from the AADL catalog and all the music is yours to keep! No waiting for a copy. No due dates. Playable on any device you choose!

AADL patrons have over 1000 digital music albums to discover and download! Browse for music by genre and find music in collections like Classical, World Music, Electronica and even Punk Rock and Hip Hop! New albums are added constantly, so keep an eye out on the catalog for recently added items!

To listen or download, you will need to log in with your username and password. If you don't have a username and password on the site, please register for an account first. Your account should be associated with a valid library card to use the Magnatune services. Don't have an AADL card? Here is how you can get one!

If you need help downloading, please visit the Download Help page or contact us for information.

Downloadable Music by Genre