So many books...

Nancy Pearl

…so little time. If you love reading books about books, with lists of not-to-miss titles, super-librarian and professional reader Nancy Pearl’s latest, Book Lust To Go: Recommended Reading for Travelers, Vagabonds, and Dreamers, will set your heart to pounding. I think this one might be her best yet.

Built around the theme of travel within and exploration of practically every country in the world, as well as many individual states and cities, she gathers the best reading available, whether you are planning a trip or visiting from your armchair. Not just strictly reading about countries either, she also includes thematically-arranged lists such as “walking”, “rowing”, “Peace Corps memories”, “hiking”, “imaginary places” and, my personal favorite, “An Anglophile’s Literary Pilgrimage”. Her selections are both erudite and fun and capture the anticipation and pleasure of exploring whichever piece of the world draws you. There is plenty of inspiration here to extend your wish-lists of books to read, though it is actually fun reading about all the books you will never have time to read too!

Both classic and contemporary fiction, and also a dizzying selection of tempting non-fiction, abound. We are not talking tour guides here, but memoirs; natural, social and geographic histories; biographies of famous and not-so-famous explorers and adventurers. Get your “ticket” to your next travel destination through the pages of this book and – bon voyage.


I wish I could just sit down and read the whole day.