Ben Franklin on Video

The Ben Franklin exhibit continues!

Obviously, there are many documentaries on Ben Franklin. One from the History Channel not only features Ben, it also has a snippet from the series Save our History. Another from the History Channel includes a small printed study guide. Ben is even the main subject of one of the discs of the channel's The Founding of America series.

There are also some more interesting DVDs we have that include Ben. Liberty's Kids, a chidlren's TV series from 2002 has Ben as one of its main characters. There is also a short Disney production based on the book Ben and Me.

Two characters that have been named after the real Ben are Benjamin Franklin Pierce, from M*A*S*H, and Benjamin Franklin Gates, from National Treasure.

My personal favorite is either the "Ben Franklin" episode of The Office, or the musical film 1776, starring Howard Da Silva as our beloved Ben.


1776 is an under-appreciated gem of a musical! Intelligent, witty, and surprisingly honest about how our founding fathers were required to use political manipulation to accomplish their objective of declaring freedom from England. William Daniels is sublime as John Adams, who is really the star of the piece, however, Howard Da Silva is a delight as Ben. And Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson ain't no slouch!

Don't forget the episode of Mythbusters where they took on the kite story!

There are really a lot of great documentaries on Ben Franklin!


I love Ben Franklin!