Gatsby House Demolished

F. Scott Fitzgerald who immortalized the decade long era known as the roaring 1920s with his book The Great Gatsby has been hit with sad news. The renowned white mansion commonly known as Land's End which inspired the posh residence of Daisy Buchanan is being demolished.

At the height of its glory during the 1920s and 1930s, the mansion was host to lavish parties and was known to be frequented by Fitzgerald himself, along with Winston Churchill, The Marx Brothers, and Ethel Barrymore. It was twenty-four thousand square feet and was located near a bird sanctuary. The mansion was staffed by twenty people, maintained a tennis court, a seventy-foot swimming pool, and two sandy beaches on the premises.

Located in Long Island the great white mansion had fallen into such disrepair that there was no other choice but to demolish the famed residence. In its place a cluster of new homes will go up bringing close to another iconic feature of the roaring 1920s.


I was disappointed to hear this news as well. What a shame!

You can still visit the mansion that inspired Citizen Kane can still be visited and is thankfully a state park:

Worth a visit if ever in that part of California

Xanadu! Never knew it was a state park, that's fantastic. Thanks for that info!