Gentle's Holler

Books for girls ages 8 - 12 are always in demand. Consider the popularity of such titles as Because of Winn Dixie, Ida B, Spitting Image, and Walk Two Moons. All of these books have strong girl protaganists who learn about life and how to make their place in it.

The first youth title by author Karry Madden, Gentle's Holler, can be added to this list. 12-year-old Livy longs to see the world outside the small mountain house she shares with her parents and eight siblings. Being a part of such a large family is an issue. Her father's pipe dream of writing a hit song is another. He spends his time trying to sell his music rather than working at a paying job. Gentle, Livy's younger sister, is blind. The family has many issues but few resources to deal with them. How Livy makes her way in these circumstances is the heart of this story. It's highly recommended for fans of "girl books".