Welcome to How Digital Music Should Work.


More good news, everyone! Thanks to a unique agreement between AADL and the digital music publisher Magnatune, you can now access almost 1000 digital music albums directly through the aadl.org catalog. You can stream or download as much as you like, DRM free, on any device you choose. No waiting for a copy. No due dates.

What you will find is a collection of enormously talented musicians, carefully cultivated based on the quality of their work. Fans of Electronica and Classical have the most to choose from, but there’s a little bit of something for everyone, including Metal, Blues and World. New content will be added weekly, so be sure to check back for updates.

You shouldn’t have to jump through 17 flaming hoops in order to access digital content, so we’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible. Give it a try and let us know what you think, either by commenting on this post or contacting us.

Getting started is easy for AADL cardholders:

Step 1: Login to aadl.org.
Step 2: Find your music.
Step 3: Stream or download.
Step 4: Enjoy.


have not used site yet - hard to comment at this point

AADL is consistently on the forefront of envisioning the ways the public library can stay true to its mission amidst new technology. I was pleased to hear Eli Neiburger on NPR yesterday talking about the possibilities for libraries working with authors / artists / creators to make electronic resources available to the public, so how timely to see this on your website this morning!

Pretty exciting! Look forward to many additions.

Huzzah for working out such a thing. :)

Wow! This is a great service - I look forward to using this feature!

AADL never seems to stop surprising and amazing me at the same time. With a government that seems to be cutting public funding in many areas, let's make sure to protect our libraries!

This is really nice! However, I seem to be having some technical difficulty. I tried the "play album" feature on the first two albums in the "Harpsichord Solo" category. Each time, only the first track played, and then it stopped.

What am I doing wrong?

When I downloaded an album I received a message saying that the I had 40 days to use the software to listen to the album. After the 40 days I had to buy the software to keep listening to that album. I understand that this system is like a library rental, I just wanted to let folks know.


Thanks for the comment. We've changed it so it will start the next track now regardless of play album or start with a specific track. Let us know if you still have issues.


It sounds like you have some program that is associated with MP3 files that has a demo version. If you are on Windows then you should be able to use the free Windows Media Player (built in) or the free download iTunes. You should find Windows Media Player under the Start Menu. iTunes can be downloaded from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/. Let us know if you still have issues.

fantastic. hurrah! wonderful. Ahh I love the Ann Arbor District Library!

thank you.

Jen, eby is on the right track; sounds like that 40 day warning is from some shareware music player, not from our file download. Magnatune downloads are not like rentals; when you download them, they're yours to keep for personal use! Just wanted to make sure that was clear. Thanks to everybody for your feedback; let us know if you run into any other trouble!


This is truly an amazing service. The FLAC files are outstanding. Thank you for making such a thing possible!

Pressing the "play album" icon now plays beyond the first track. Thanks for the quick fix!

Fantastic service. I love AADL.

Great idea. Only problem - I've never heard of any of these artists (I scrolled through Hip Hop, Rock, & Pop). I would use this service if there were more mainstream music in the selection.

Jsamulak, you're right that these are not mainstream artists. Basically, the major labels don't make their music available to libraries in a way that allows us to offer you unlimited downloads. However, there are many outstanding artists in this downloadable collection, and we hope you'll take some time to discover new sounds! At the same time, you'll find major label artists well represented in our Hip Hop, Rock, and Pop CD collections.

this sounds cool! when does it start???


I really appreciate this service. Thanks for offering mp3. My player doesn't play FLAC files. It would be nice to be able to access more mainstream stuff (Iron Maiden, Ozzy, etc), but I know how the record companies can be. I Do like discovering new bands and you have plenty of them! Expands the horizons.

Thanks much and keep them coming!

P.S. The album "Nothing Left To Believe" by Immune doesn't download. It keeps coming down at 0mb. I really would like to download it.


I've fixed the download for "Nothing Left To Believe" by Immune. Let us know if you still have issues.

This is fantastic. I am very pleased with the selection of classical & early music -- I hope there's more on the way. This is a great way to provide exposure to fantastic music to a wider audience.

Thanks so much! I'm so glad and proud that AADL is supporting open formats!
Keep up with this direction, please!

Thank you for this service. I have downloaded a couple of the albums in FLAC format - Mark Southeron's eponymous album, and Kerry Politzer's Watercolor. They are great. Any chance the liner notes from the albums could be made part of the download? I do appreciate the fact that cover art is included.

Is it possible that higher-than-CD-quality FLAC downloads might become available? I would guess that the masters are at 24 bits / 96kHz or higher, or maybe even analog. I (and others I am sure) do have the ability to play "hi-rez" files.

Re: the cost of the service - it costs AADL $10,000 per year to license the catalog. Is it OK to ask where the money is coming from? Will the library stop purchasing physical media to offset the cost of the licensing?

Where I am going with this is that charging a nominal amount from patrons for downloads of CD (or higher) quality files would not be amiss.

Thank you!!