Documentary Alert: Winnebago Man

Ever wonder what becomes of some of the stars of the viral videos that get viewed a million times on YouTube? Do these stars have happy or sad endings? What about a video that went viral on VHS before the internet was around? Winnebago Man tells one such story. It’s been called madly entertaining and one of the funniest documentaries ever made. (Click the item link to view a trailer of the film right on the AADL website!)

Jack Rebney, aka the angriest man in the world, became famous after profanity laden outtakes of a Winnebago sales spot of his were videotaped, and copies of the VHS tape spread like wildfire. This of course eventually led to an internet phenomenon.

20 Years later a filmmaker named Ben Steinbauer decided to track down Rebney to see what became of all that anger. He found him living a life of solitude on top of a mountain. Ben finds that he’s not such a crude guy after all. Well, maybe just a bit. This smart documentary is funny and heartwarming. It’s a hilarious look at humanity and what people can do for each other, even when they don’t know they’re doing it. And it's really, really funny.