Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are making a big name these days as there is more focus on sustainable living and ecologically sound living spaces. But these houses are more than just little boxes. The book Tiny Houses by Mimi Zeiger takes a look at small spaces designed by architects all over the world - all of them around 1,000 square feet. I marveled at the interesting designs, from beautiful tree-top homes and hobbit holes to space age mini desert dwellings. The house locations in the book range from tightly packed in a city block to straight off the grid on a mountain side. Amazing!

The basic philosophy for many tiny house enthusiasts is leaving less of an environmental footprint and making a commitment to live more simply. Also, think compact appliances and electronics, eco-toilets - or perhaps little to no appliances at all. As I’ve learned however, just because the house is smaller, this does not mean less expensive! According to an article on wikihow, small houses usually cost more per square foot than “normal” houses because designs are so complex. But they're just so cute. And don’t so many of us dream about simplifying our lives? Check out this list for further tiny house reading.


The first house I ever owned was 900 sq. ft, which seemed roomy at the time!