Read Behind the Headlines in North Africa

With citizens revolting in Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Djibouti, and Morocco, first drafts of history are being written every day in the media. If, as a reader, you're seeking a deeper understanding of the region, check out North Africa: A History from Antiquity to the Present, by Phillip Naylor, who teaches history at Marquette University in Milwaukee. Published in 2009, the book concludes with a section on "The Peril and Promise of North Africa."


Awesome idea, Anne! Another good choice is The State Of The Middle East: An Atlas Of Conflict And Resolution, which explains the Middle East in terms of historic and modern conflicts. The Middle East in this case encompasses some issues of Northern Africa.

"The readable yet informed language of the text, combined with the multitude of visual aids, make this work accessible to the average reader while providing accurate and detailed information." - Library Journal

Thanks, Danielle, for this extremely cool book recommendation!
~ Anne