PreK Bits - "F" is for Fishy Folktales

Ms. Rachel told fish tales @ Malletts Creek. A "Whale Of a Tale" is an exaggerated oral-tradition tale from Inuit people. It is a story about one very H-U-N-G-R-Y little boy. We went fishing with Kumak's extended family in Kumak's Fish and were surprised by what we caught!
You can find more deep sea stories in the following titles:
Burt Dow Deep Water Man, a tall tale from Maine about the day Burt Dow pulled up the tale of a whale or ... perhaps "'twas 'tother way 'round. The tale of a whale pulled up Burt Dow!" This story is great grade school kids, too!
Swimmy, a tiny fish who figures out a way to swim safely in the great blue sea.
The Fisherman and His Wife who get too greedy with the wishes they are granted.
Baby Beluga has all the words, and you can hear Raffi sing it on CD Baby Beluga.