Taking a Trip? Take a Map!

Did you know AADL has a collection of maps? Maps are removed from travel books so they do not get lost. These maps are put in file folders arranged by geographic location. Other maps are added to the files to create a comprehensive collection. We have maps for most every state and country!

Thinking about a trip to Europe? The Europe map file includes a Eurorail map, so you can expertly navigate the trains!! Do you enjoy lighthouses? The Maine file includes a map of all the lighthouses in the state. For major cities such as Paris and Chicago, AADL carries the streetwise laminated maps, both slim and durable!

Not taking a vacation soon? There are still plenty of reasons to check out a map! Perhaps you are a teacher needing a map of outer space or the Pacific ocean or a researcher looking for a map of the former Soviet Union, we have all of these maps and more! Maybe you are moving across the state, we have plenty of Michigan maps, so you can scope out your new location!

The maps are not requestable, so come downtown and enjoy looking through the files! You can check maps out for 4 weeks and return them to any location.


This map collection is fabulous. It's a nice supplement the swell travel books also available at AADL! I got my book and my map and I'm ready to go!

Didnt know they had these. Definitely going to check them out.

Great resource.


Good to know AADL has maps. I always rush to AAA to get my maps before a trip.

This is awesome! Now its not a choice between getting lost and overpaying for a map to use for a week.


I had no idea there was a map collection at the AADL! Where are they stored in the library?