Teen Short Story Writing Contest begins February 1st

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The It's All Write! Short Story Contest officially begins today and will run through March 18th. You'll have six weeks to perfect that short story. You know the one you've been meaning to get down on paper. Now is your chance! Guidelines for this year's contest are here. Send your story to allwrite@aadl.org.

1st Place Winners receive ($250), 2nd Place ($150) and 3rd Place ($100) in these three categories: Grades 6-8, Grades 9-10, and Grades 11-12

Click here to read the prize winning stories from previous years, or look for your name if you were a Finalist. Author Patrick Jones will discuss his work and announce this year's winners on Saturday, May 21.

Good Luck!


Mom always knows best

It was late Saturday night. My brother Max, and I were on our way home. We drove down 70th street then made a turn down 81st. It was 2009 I can’t remember the exact date. We were in my brother’s new Volvo s60 concept. He had just got his license, and our parents decided they would get him a car for his sixteenth birthday. My mom made an agreement that we weren’t allowed to drive around outside at night. Mostly because of the fact we living in new York, and the roads could get very busy some times, but this time was different. Now that max was seventeen and I was fifteen max had already had one year’s experience of driving so she let us go. We went to his friend Steven’s house. Then we were on our way home.
We turned down Ballenger creek. I examined the cars beside us it was dodge challenger se, R/T. Ahead of us was a Suzuki equator spied, and behind them was an Acura TL. I carefully examined the cars.
We came to a red light, but the Doge challenger SE, R\T kept going. The speed limit was 55, but just by looking I could tell they were going around 90. The light turned green we turned with the doge challenger and Suzuki. We drove down the lane behind the Suzuki. We were just about to turn down ridge which was followed by the road Winchester which would lead us home when the Doge challenger cut in front of us making are car jot side ways. My brother forced his hand down on the horn.
“Come on man! What the heck is this guy’s problem?” He moaned I just starred at him as if he were insane.
“You know he can’t hear you right” I laughed he starred at me angrily. We finally turned down ridge then followed it down. Ridge was a strange road because it followed straight down then it had a round about then followed to Winchester we just keep going straight down the Dodge challenger turned into the round about. My brother turned the Doge challenger came out the round about speeding towards us, but my brother didn’t notice. The Dodge challenger rammed into the back of us. The car hit a pole he hit us again on the side. We were up against the pole side ways when the car flipped. The Dodge challenger swerved then came to a halt. The air bag sprung out at me. My heart was pounding rapidly my hands were shaking. I began hyperventilating my back hurt, and I felt a sharp pain between my ribs. My leg throbbed, and hurt worst than anything. I shut my eyes. We heard the screaming of distant Police sirens, and new this would soon be over. Well at least I did my I looked over to see my brother lay unconscious. With in minutes the police came. They arrested the drunk driver in the Doge challenger, and we sent to the hospital. During that incident my brother didn’t get that badly hurt he only had one minor injury to the head. I broke my leg, and had a few minor scratches on my back. We were safely returned home, and then again for another few years there were rules against driving out at night for us but I can’t say I’m not glad.

Hale, I see that you posted a 'short story' on-line. If you want to submit this story to the contest please look at the guidelines. There's a few details about length and format that you'll want to look over before re-submitting the story. There is also a resource sheet that is linked from the contest/short story page where you can submit writing to other contests and read tips on writing. Please let us know if you have any other questions and good luck with your writing.


Great opoprtunity!



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