Celebrate Australian Authors on Australia Day - Teen Stuff


Australians celebrate January 26th as Australia Day, marking the date of the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove. If you don't find yourself actually in Brisbane or Perth enjoying a day of fireworks and barbecues check out what some of these amazing Australian authors have given us to read. Starting with the top teen prize, the Printz you've got Markus Zusak in 2007, Judith Clarke in 2008, and Melina Marchetta and Margo Lanagon in 2009.
Michigan's top Teen Award, Thumbs Up! has a couple outstanding Australian writer's of teen fiction on the lists, Justine Larbalestier and Shaun Tan. Shaun also was recently nominated for 'Best Animated Short Film' The Lost Thing on this year's Oscar's list.


Don't forget Garth Nix! :)