Robert Plant Playing Hill Auditorium on Friday, January 21

In the three decades since Led Zeppelin's breakup, singer Robert Plant has found success where many formerly-iconic band members have failed. Namely, he has been recording music as a solo artist that both critics and audiences actually want to hear.

Lou Reed forged similar success in the 1970s, with the popularity of his early solo records largely hinging on the inclusion of songs he wrote with the Velvet Underground. Plant, however, has been taking a different approach by re-imagining songs written by other musicians, many of whom, like the Everly Brothers and Gene Clark, peaked in popularity before Led Zeppelin was a household name.

Plant's 2007 duet album, Raising Sand, with bluegrass superstar, Allison Krauss, won five Grammys -- including Album of the Year -- and sold well over one million units, which in today's market is outstanding. Much like Gram Parsons' collaboration with Emmylou Harris on G.P., Krauss and Plant strike an uncanny balance between the gritty and the seamless in their voices to create a blend as cool as a DQ Blizzard.

Robert Plant plays the Hill Auditorium this Friday, January 21 behind his latest release, Band of Joy, which is also up for Grammy Awards and has received similar accolades for his work with the indelible Patty Griffin.