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Yes, it is that time of year again for students to start researching information on Science Fair Projects! The library is here to help students take advantage of the abundant resources that are available in helping create amazing Science Fair Projects!

Students can begin their data collecting by browsing the catalog to locate Science Fair books. This is a good starting point which allows participants to view the collection of books the library currently holds on the subject of Science Fair Projects.

There are also many web resources that will prove beneficial in helping students navigate their way through their Science Fair Project assignments. Here is a list of some of the best Science Fair Project web resources around:

Science Fair Central

Science Fair Handbook

Science Fair Project Resource Guide

The WWW Virtual Library Science Fairs

Science Made Simple

Young Scientist Challenge

Science Fair Projects

Have fun making this years' Science Fair Project the best ever, and be sure to utilize the resources available at your fingertips!


thanks for putting all this info together, makes me want to do a project even though I'm almost 50!

This is really cool and thanks for putting this together.