Kid Bits - Happy Birthday New Year!

Winter 2011 Preschool Storytime Programs began this week.
Ms. Rachel led "Happy New Year to You" with a birthday "wish" theme.
A "Lonely Candle" wished to come to the party, and
Winnie wished for "Bracelets" on her birthday !!!
Enjoy more birthdays and wishes with the following books:
When a child anticipates her sixth birthday, her parents remember the first five birthdays in Birthday Presents.
Mr. Rabbit And The Lovely Present offers the thoughtful process of choosing.
For a different birthday discover Little Badger's Just-About Birthday Party.
Every Year On Your Birthday a family recounts the joys of adopting their child.
If you like family read-alouds try:
Happy birthday Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle or the recorded version for "reading while riding" in the car.


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