The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

AADL's music collection continues to grow with thirteen Gil Scott-Heron CDs that span his recorded work from the late 1960s to his critically acclaimed 2010 release, I'm New Here.

Gil Scott-Heron is a poet, musician, and author who is credited with essentially creating the genre of Rap with his rhythmic, aggressive, politically charged spoken word performances set to jazz and R&B music. In the 1970s, Scott-Heron collaborated with legendary jazz producer Bob Thiele and pianist Brian Jackson throughout his most prolific decade, releasing nine records that confront controversial issues such as racism in the inner city, media portrayal of African Americans, equity among classes and races, and homophobia.

On last year's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West was the latest in a long line of artists to use Gil Scott-Heron samples in his music, closing his chart topping album with the poet's "Who Will Survive in America," further evidence of the lasting resonance of Scott-Heron's work.