Brando, an author? Believe it!

Expecting to hit the bookstores and the library shelves mid September, Marlon Brando’s Fan-Tan, a “film treatment-turned-novel“, has already gathered much media frenzy.

If you missed Dinitia Smith’s New York Times article on August 2nd on the various incarnations of Brando’s manuscript before finally landing at Alfred A. Knopf, the publisher; you might want to check out her weblog. (Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Fan-Tan is named after a Chinese game of chance. The hero is the overweight, mischievous, sensual adventurer (remind you of anyone?) Annie Doultry, who is attracted to Asian women. Into the scene enters Madame Lai Choi San – a beautiful female pirate. The rest, we will have to find out from the book.

For your information, Publishers Weekly has already given this hot item a starred review, predicting that “enthralled readers will be swinging from the rigging along with the rest of the pirates in this rollicking high-seas saga”. 75,000 first printing. <--!break-->