Britney Spears - "Has she lost her hair or lost her mind?"

Bald Britney SpearsBald Britney Spears

Okay, okay... I know that was a little harsh... but when a news anchor delivered the line with a straight face, I laughed pretty hard... (Ummm, I guess you had to be there...)

Anywho... I figured this was a good time to highlight AADL's collection of Britney Spears CD's. You should also check out the March 5th edition of People magazine (yes, we have that too). Then come back and tell us what your theories are on the whole situation...



Why don't you and everyone else leave the girl alone. She's human like everyone else...need I say more?

My mom always told me to be fair about everyone's problems and not judge them based on gossip. I have been trying to do so related to Britney as well but somehow I feel that she's not fit to be a mother, at least not yet. Those kids need the presence of a loving person by their side, not from a drug rehab center. They don't need a celebrity having concerts all over the world, they need someone to tell them how beautiful and special they are, to feel loved.

well britney is (was) really messed up in that period and people can complain but i sincerely think it's a waste of time ( remember chris crocker ?)