Winter Break Gaming: Super Smash, Retro Octathalon ][, DDR, Pokémon and More!

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Midwinter Break is almost upon us, and that means videogames at the library! We've got a great schedule of events lined up for you, starting this Friday night with a Super Smash Bros. Melee Regulation Throwdown for Ages 13+, From 6-8:30 at the Downtown Library. Read on for full rules for this event. Then, on Saturday, 2/24, from 11-5 PM, we'll have our second annual Retro Octathalon for All Ages, an 8-game high score contest featuring great classic (pre-1990) games. Then, on Sunday, 2/25, from 1-4 PM, our DDR tournament series continues with an All-Ages DDR Tournament.

But that's not all! The games continue into the week, with a pair of Pokémon Tournaments from 1-4 and DS Fest / Open Play Events from 4-7, on both Monday 2/26 and Tuesday 2/27. So, if you're stuck in town this break, stay warm with gaming, food, prizes, and some serious competition at the Downtown Library! Read on for full tournament details.

First, the long-awaited ruleset for the SSBM Regulation Throwdown. This is a slightly modified version of the MLG SSBM Ruleset, which you can read in all its glory here. Here's how it's going to work:

No Items.

Banned Stages:
Yoshi's Island (Pipes)
Hyrule Temple
Great Bay
Brinstar Depths
Icicle Mountain
Big Blue
Mushroom Kingdom 1
Mushroom Kingdom 2
Yoshi's Island 64
Peach's Castle
Kongo Jungle
Poké Floats

Random Select Stages:
Final Destination
Yoshi's Story
Fountain of Dreams
Dreamland 64
Pokemon Stadium

Allowed Pick Stages:
Jungle Japes
Green Greens
Rainbow Cruise
Mute City

1st Round will be in the form of randomly assigned 4-player round-robin pools. Each player will play the 3 other members of their pool 1v1 and the 32 players with the best overall records in the first round will advance to the elimination rounds. Ties going into the top 32 will be broken by 'strength of schedule'; if you defeated someone who went 2-1, you're more likely to move on than someone who defeated someone who went 0-3.

All matches will be 1v1, 4 Stock, 8 Minute, but due to time constraints, not all rounds will be best of 3 matches. Pool matches will only be a single round against each opponent, but if time allows, quarterfinals and higher may be best of 3.

In the pools, with only 1 match per pairing, there will be only random stages, but once we move to best of 3, we will use Advanced Slobs picks. This means:

The first match is on a random stage. We won't have the staff to enforce Double-Blind character picks, but you can work that out with your opponent.

In the Second and Third matches, the loser of the previous match can either choose a random stage or select a stage from the random or allowed picks stages. The winner of the previous match then chooses their character, and the loser can then choose their own character.

Each of the 3 matches must be on a different stage.

Stalling / Camping / Hiding will not be tolerated. If you are spotted refusing to engage, you may be forced to forfeit one of your lives in that match.

I think that about covers it for SSB. Any questions / suggestions?

OK, moving on, here's the game list for the Retro Octathalon.

1. Paperboy, 1984.
2. Mappy, 1983.
3. Spy Hunter, 1983.
4. Jungle Hunt, 1982.
5. Donkey Kong, 1981.
6. Ms. Pac Man, 1981.
7. Rally-X, 1980.
8. Breakout, 1976.

The top 3 scorers in each age group (12 and under, 13-18, over 18) across all 8 games will be invited to the finals which will feature surprise retro games. Stop by any time during the day to try for high scores, even try more than one to improve your scores if time allows!

OK, hope to see you all there this weekend!


bad driver our clan is as follows

We Are HardERER
1. FJW (2 top 3 finishes in MKDD)
2. Mike S. (3 top 3 finishes)
3. D-rex (3 top 3 finishes)
4. Johninabox (1 top 3 finish)
5. Limabean
6. *aikem (this one's iffy, he plays soccer, so we might need someone else here)

still want to fight over best mario kart clan?


yeah, that was me.

my friend could take aikems place but idk if he wants to

Ok that is good
well here is what we did
Me and my bro got 3 co-op wins and 1 second and he won once so that is 9 than snowman got a 4th i think in co-op thats 10.
I never said u guys were bad in fact u have a pretty favorable line up i wasn't taking into consideration D-rex. Though D-rex had no placing in maiokart this season. So i think we beat u than but u r probally a better kart clan itd be fun to have a kart battle

it would be fun to have a kart battle, but too bad people here are much more obsessed over smash than they are kart


lain is our MM still in effect? xP


and beat mario kart clan means NOTHING. it's all about smash baby ; )

and yes mdidget. our MM is still in effect XD

btw anyone else brave enough to challenge me to a moneymatch, i'm still waiting for a challenger. : /

i'm not saying smash isnt fun, actually i prefer smash over mario kart, i just think that the tournies are becoming really smash based now, and we need to revive kart, so smash freaks like you don't start winning everything, look at the roysters, amazing at smash, not so much at kart, they combined to win a 2 gb ipod nano.

then cisco, he won uhhh, a few gift cards.

get good at mario kart too lain, then you will be taken as a serious contendor to take it all next year

We need some Goldeneye 64 tourneys. Yeah.


if u guese would look at the packet then u would see that there is one in may

what packet?

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

the AXIS packet, you can pick one up at any AADL library, it lists all upcoming special events the library is hosting, there are a lot of them, test preps, duct tape craft making, and the video game stuff, you should check it out

you can also find a list of upcoming events at

: /if i remember correctly you did horrible at kart last year. but made it through due to the pools of people you got to be with. the smash conspirating is what got you through.

now if i look at that correctly, if i'm good enough at smash to make 1st consistently with a few sprinkled seconds, i COULD take it all

you're not going to take 1st... at all...

FJW, the reason there's never a Kart specific tourney should be obvious

Kart isn't a tournament game, it's a party game. Smash would be a party game but they let you do 1v1 no items. Kart doesn't have that option.

Sorry, but that's not the way it works.

The reason Smash SEEMS so much more important is because the consistency of good smash players is much, MUCH higher than the consistency of good Kart players, for the reasons stated above.

thats true, but aren't these side tournies supposed to be for fun


Cisco: "Oh, i never would've thought of that, *smacks on head*"

still want to give me a reason why we should't have a kart tourney?

and lain I am easily one of the best Mario kart players there, and I would be in the top 10 for smash also. Conspiracies my ass, go watch the video. Anyway, I wouldn't have made it that far without skill, and you conspired with me, too. The first smash match, I took first and you and 2 noobs took second.

Consistency... you want to know which event had the same winner the most times, thats right, its not singles smash, its not doubles smash, ITS DOUBLES KART, CONSISTENCY MY ASS

sorry, its too early in the morning, anyway, you get what i mean.

Yeah, sorry to break it to you Cisco, but before we started playing your precious Smash at these tournaments, we actually did ONLY Mario Kart tournaments for the *entire* first season, so ah, yes, it can be a tournament game, and has been, as a matter of fact.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!



Ok Pwner FJW is right. Also these are suppose to be more party like tourtaments and i would reccemond going back to all items on medium and some banned stages for smash. Kart provides a random element yet people can consistently win, but not every tourtament. Smash right now has almost no randomness and no luck. Sure that tells you who the true winner is but attendance has been really going down since these tourtaments took a more profeesinal stand point. Also maybe you could lose to someone worse than you it isn't the end of the world and you have next tourtament to come back and win. Yes smash is more popular. Would it be more popular at the tournies for everyone except the 5 or so of you who want all 1v. 1 no items no luck. YES

meh, im neutral on BD's point, i still do prefer 1v1 no item smash over the chaos of free-for-all, but it is more fun, and as bad driver said, it draws people

so keep the regular season with FFA, and keep these 1v1 tournies, they are good

er actually friedjelly, there is consistency in team smash and single smash. i don't know what you've been reading, but i guess you need to look it over again:

Sir Ducksalot
Tru Dog
Joe Smo

Mike S
Pickwick the Second
Blue Monkey
Ben D

Sir Ducksalot
Dale W
Pickwick the Second

Mike S
Sir Ducksalot
Pickwick The Second
Money Maker


reading that, with places in the top 8, of those 20 players, only 9 have placed in the top 8 twice or more. TurtlePerson2, Sir Ducksalot, and Pickwick the Second are the only ones who have placed three times, and are the only "consistent" kart players, if anything.

Now, following those same standards, let's take a look at smash singles. and here i'll show you the top four, with the next four guys people who made it into the round of 8 in no particular order.

Bad driver


Dale W

Hung Lo
Dale W


WOW INTERESTING LOOK AT THAT. of the 19 people total who have made placings, 9 have placed at least twice, with Omega amazingly placing 4 times, Pwnerer placing three times, and Oraoachimaru placing three times as well. now, if my math is correct, 9/19 > 9/20. i seem to see that we have just as much, if not a little bit more consistency then kart.

now tell me what "your ass" thinks of that.

and by the way, look at team melee and kart melee. *smacks head*. yeah, TP2 and his bro got 1st three times, but team melee has results close to that too. you want me to do the math on that and see just how close it comes, buddy?

oh and btw, getting two 6th places in kart singles, and you're EASILY one of the best kart players there? oh wow sorry i must be mistaken or something, but i see much better results then what you've got to show bucko.

next time you wanna blurt out false things, make sure you open your eyes a little more and keep your mouth closed ; )

Lain u make a very strong point. The fact is your point is our point as well. Melee has too much consistencey. We need new winners. If pwner,shin and omega all show up u can rule yourself out of winning maybe a slim chance for 4th. So lain you show an interesting thing that the same people typicially place in kart. I dont disagree there are about 10 or so people you might call "Contenders". These people you expect to see in the final race. From there anything can happen. Now lets look at the top 4 in melee everyround.

Round 1
Station #1 p1: Doomblaze, 1100 pts. p2: Bad driver , 260 pts.
Station #2 p1: Omega, 460 pts. p2: swordmaster, 700 pts.

round 2
Match #400 (Bracket:4)
Station #1 p1: Cydian, 260 pts. p2: Pwnerer, 1100 pts.
Station #2 p1: Omega, 460 pts. p2: Oroachimaru, 700 pts.

Round 3
Station #1 p1: swordmaster, 460 pts. p2: Pwnerer, 1100 pts.
Station #2 p1: finklestein, 260 pts. p2: Jerry, 700 pts.

Round 4
Station #1 p1: Pwnerer, 700 pts. p2: D-Rex, 260 pts.
Station #2 p1: Hung Lo, 460 pts. p2: Oroachimaru, 1100 pts.

Ok so lets count out of the 16 possible people that could be in the top 4 7 of them were either named francisco or had the last name of a royster. Since roysters missed round 1 that is out of 10 possible times they couldve made the finals they made it 7 of 10. Now there were no other repeats. And the only times shin or omega go elimnited it was by pwner. So we have 3 people for as far as know last season never lost a regular season 1 on 1 unless it was too them selves. You call that balanced?

uhhh, lain, i'm quite sure that i've never qualified in singles smash (actually, i qualified once in preseason)

but in the regular season, i never EVER made it to the top 8, so, uh, i think you need to check where these standings are coming from

LOL, you're so blind you can't even read your own post, you said I got 6th twice in singles, uhhh, HOW ABOUT YOU TRY SCROLLING UP *smacks head*, I have a 1st and 6th, and lets see, ITS CALLED PEOPLE GET BETTER, how many times do we see your name in singles smash???

huh? how many times???? HHMMMMM????

and who's the one bragging about how good they are, HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM...

Think before you talk, YOU SNORK (i can't believe any part of you is Asian)


[post-snorked at FJW's request. -eli]

look at these links, SNORK

i see you're in the top 8. i never said you qualified, SNORK. i merely showed you made top 8.

and yeah okay i made a mistake on the smash and kart accusation towards you. MY BAD.

and yeah, i am good. you wanna MM me? cause i sure as SNORK have made a lot of questioning towards it. you wanna go? cause i know for a fact i'd crush you into the ground.

so i guess you're blind too if you can't read the SNORKIN rankings.

YOU SNORK (i can't believe you have any brain whatsoever)

and you completely missed my point, SNORK.

[post snorked at Lain's request. -eli]

uhhh if youre gonna argue like this take it to the other forums, this is no place for that kind of language and dissing


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

sigh why can't i edit my post?

anyways, you know what? i don't care.

friedJELLY, i'm sorry for what i said. hopefully you can apologize for this too.

i'm just being stupid right now for no reason at all. honestly, please disregard all that i've said. : /

btw eli please delete all of my comments of stupidity and write "i am dumb" or something

Alright I didn't realize everyone was so... doesn't matter.

Point is, Kart, Monkey Ball, etc. aren't tournament games. Smash is. Sorry kiddos.

Hate to break it to ya, but a "tournament game" is a game with tournament viability. Kart and Monkey Ball's random elements make the game to such a degree random that a winner has a very hard time being consistent. Now, this happens in Smash but people play better/worse on somedays, however in Kart you can be comepletely saved or ruined by items. True there is SOME strategy to items, but the "randomness" far outweighs the "not randomness" or whatever.

What I was SAYING was that the reason why Smash appears as "more important" is because good players do well more consistently, because it's more of a tournament game.

You guys blew that WAY out of proportion. Thanks a lot.

I don't know what you guys are talking about. When we showed, it was me Omega or Shin, every single time. Omega always lost to me and I lost once to Shin. That's all. I'm saying that people that do well in Smash don't suck at Smash, while people like Cydian, who blow at Kart, can make top 3. Maybe the winner for Kart was consistent, but across the board it probably wasn't.

MLG uses Smash, not Kart, not Monkey Ball GG.

I bet Eli would admit that Kart wasn't made for tournaments, Smash wasn't made for tournaments, and neither was Monkey Ball. Smash got lucky with the way it was made (in a rush, to be precise) and happens to be a tournament viable game.

I don't know what you guys are talking about, it's useless to say the AADLGT has used Kart because AADLGT tournaments are for fun, not tournamentness.

I misread and thought FJW wanted an independent Kart tournament, by the way.

IF there's an option to turn off items (which would have elluded me for quite a while now)in Kart, then I concede all points and Kart is completely viable for tournaments, although I would say there are better pure racing games out there...

By the way guys, it's not a good idea to swear so much on a blog that parents and possibly 5/6 year olds read.

And I think in teams Smash it's been the Pocket Rockets or the Roysters each time.

...If someone says "your precious Smash," to me again, they're getting punched in the face. I could say the same (that is, "your precious Kart,") for half of the people here about Kart.

FJW, you suck at Smash, and Lain, although I hate to say it :X, would annihilate you. And if you "haven't played in X months," I don't care, no johns.

He didn't place back then but he has gotten better, and can already beat Shin, probably not Omega but maybe.

Okay big post.

Thank you Lain. Ok pwner from my conversations with Eli i dont think these tourtaments are really made to decide who is the best teen in town at kart or melee(we really need eli to come in and clean things ups). It is to bring teens to the library. That is the purpose with season 1 kart. You hardcore melee people have been getting many changes you wanted. You even go a tourtament with your own rules. I say great i loved the no item tourtament. It wasn't as fun as 4 player item chaos. There was no randomness. In kart you will almost always get split second finishes and lets of lead changes in 1 on 1 melee that isn't going to happen.

So pwner you are right smash is a more tourtament like game, but that doesn't mean it has to have fun drained out of it to make it decide the true best player

...I never said that ideal was wrong...

Although personally we all know what I enjoy.

hahaha. yes the SNORK would be especially nasty

i read that wrong and thought you said either you'd SNORK me or he'd SNORK me. : X

good mindgame

[post-snorked by eli, I talked with lain about this]

By the way, none of you know what you're talking about when it comes to 1v1 melee (and I mean that in the best way possible), because if you did you'd know comebacks and momentum can play a huge role in tournaments. The reason you never see crazy comebacks at the AADL is because ability gaps are so huge. Look at Me vs Shin, I won 2-0, but there's a big gap there. Now, if you guys had seen Me vs Bigy at my tournament, you'd think differently of "lead changes".

Those were some VERY close matches. And Dope vs KDJ, or Dope vs Mikey Lenetia.

ok, lol, i'm too lazy to read all those posts, but i apologize for all that i said

it was early in the morning, thats why i sorta blew up on cisco's post

eli, please delete that whole pointless conversation between me and lain

and cisco, i never admitted i'm better than lain, my point was that his argument for my "lack" of mario kart skills were my bad placings, but he hadnt placed at all in smash

and lain, i misread, i thought the first half of those rankings were top 8's for smash, not overall

anyway, as for the moneymatch, if we can find a time, you're on (i'm not gonna bet much, cause i do suck, and i've been saying that for a while now, at my prime, i was halfway decent, but I played smash yesterday, and it wasnt a pretty sight) we need to do a few friendlies first, to see if it is worth my time or yours

*shakes lains hand*

"What I was SAYING was that the reason why Smash appears as "more important" is because good players do well more consistently, because it's more of a tournament game."

Sorry to break it to you but your wrong. Top Kart players like myself and TP2 are just as consistent as Top melee players it's just that melee is a much more forgiving games. Seriously 3 people taking second place even if it wasn't very close is way more forgiving then 2nd, 3rd and 4th being separated by a few tenths of a second. That's why melee players average better. A kart game always gives out the same number of points while a melee game gives that many plus more if it even hints at being a close game.

Duck please, you make a good point, but you're not helping to end this argument, it was a stupid argument to begin with

huh, argument? sorry I didn't notice it. I just skimmed the blog and saw that line and decided to correct the misleading information.

DUDE pwnerer look i dont give a @%$! what MLG tornaments are or what games, kart and monkeyball are tourney games cuz we make them. you know how much you've already influenced the tournaments w/o ppl like u we'd still just b playin kart
look i dont know how manny times i hav 2 say this but if you want 2 play in smash tourneys den play at "real" ones don't try to change ours into your twisted mutilated "real" tourney.
if you come for to get the money than u c there is this great new invention called a job.
now just please stop "educating" evrybody on how much the best gc games ever suk...
btw i dont think we need more tournaments deciding who the "best" melle player is cuz if you havent noticed nothing changes. 1 tournament is enuogh each year we dont need more only melee tourneys so u can win more.
since you convinced them 2 bring in melee u no what, i think we should have pikmin tourneys. but of couse no 1 will listen 2 me cuz i jus a little kid who duznt know what he's talking bout
#%&*! u pwnerer and all u othr melle crazed ppl who r so narrow minded

Wow, I was actually considering the MK side of the argument until Monekyman posted o.o

I don't like this "blag" anymore...never on topic...poor grammars...angriness...bad

Christ guys, it's just a freaking game(s)...

You know what I think the best part is? I never asked for a rules change.

All I did was answer someone's statement about Melee being more important than Kart. Which is (partially) true.

By the way, Duck, you only VERY rarely see ties in Melee, the only way to get them is if everyone cheats, or if two people die on the same frame, which Melee's system can't decide who wins, thus a tie.

However I still disagree. Mario Kart hasn't had a consistent winner at all, seeing as the winners have been TP2 (3.1) Mike S (3.2) Duck (3.3) and FJW (3.4)

Smash is harder to get points in when you're bad at it because of the single elim. 1v1. It's how the Royster's got eliminated before making it to finals (i.e. playing me before finals).

Plus, my record for 3.1-3.4 is a SINGLE LOSS in Smash. That's fairly good consistency if you ask me. Oroachimaru and Omega have lost to me and Swordmaster, that's IT.

There's no room for error in 1v1 because if you lose that one match you're eliminated, but in Kart you can get second, third, fourth.

im with you matt

meh, i guess i've contributed to the changing of this blog to a debate hall,

sorry guys...

Actually FJW that wasmost of its oringal purpose was to trash talk and propose new ideas.

*sigh* even an apology has to be disputed...

but this has gone beyond just trash talking and proposing new ideas, we have started swearing at each other and stuff on a public library blog, if you want to swear go to the forum, we have great fun trash talking there.

still, its been fun :-)

chris and i figured out a glitch similar to the mr.saturn glitch

tell me limabean :P

in giant mode if you tthrow a turnip at something and catch it twice then u have the mr.saturn glitch

AADL-GT needs a.... SLOGAN!!!!

Contest begins now. I choose winner.

(funny joke if you get it)

uhm i guess at the next open play or tournament, FJW.

of course seeing as how that's in 4 bajillion years...

at least we'll have time to shape up, eh?

(funny joke if you get it)"

lol, from the picture of the Wii that printed money?


sure thing lain

the glitch also works i think if u get a giant mushroom

"There's no room for error in 1v1 because if you lose that one match you're eliminated, but in Kart you can get second, third, fourth."

Yeah I see this point, but take 8 players in melee and 8 in kart. Melee creates 4 first and 4 8ths (or 2nds can't remember if we changed it), kart creates 1st through 8th. So 1-4 of MK move on and the 4 first places of melee move on, hence melee is move forgiving to winners because the 4th best player (of the 8) is getting twice the points the equivalent MK player is. Plus MK (2 qualifying matches, 3 elimination), Melee (3 qualifying, 4 elimination). Losing a match is losing a match and you should be within a few points of anyone that lost in that round but melee is slightly favored. Melee brackets are seeded which I don't have a problem with but good players get a break. MK very quickly gets harder brackets because you play 7 other players not 1 player at a time. If MK became 1v1 no items (which we could do if we had the time) it would degenerate into a few people winning almost every match they have. And if melee had 8 player capability with no ties (which would have been very cool) it would be no better/worse than MK. So Melee appears more important because it gives more average points to people who are good at it.

Maybe I pay too much attention but I've seen many a tie in melee at our tournaments and never a tie in MK.

OK, this thread is CLOSED. Get out of here, you rapscallions.

Just kidding. Let me see if I can shed a little light on this vibrant discussion.

First, I have provided a service in this thread to both Lain and FJW, who calmed down and wanted to edit posts that were no longer editable. I very much appreciate that sentiment and the high level of class that it demonstrates. They posted angry, but they calmed down and wanted to make amends, so, I have "snorked" their posts for them at their request. This service is available to anyone on request who wishes to retract coarse language posted in the heat of the moment. Enough about that.

Second, we already have scheduled a Kart-only tournament, as Limabean mentioned, it's in the new AXIS flyer. It's Friday Night, May 25th, at 6 PM. I'm not quite sure how we'll run it yet, I'd like to do some pool experimentation, more on that later.

I would not agree that Mario Kart (or monkey ball) are poor tournament games. It just depends on your perspective. One perspective says that tournaments exist to be a pure measure of raw skill, and any elements of the game that could result in a superior player possibly losing a match to an inferior player are simply unacceptable. That is certainly a valid viewpoint, and it's definitely predominant among the most serious videogame players.

A different perspective is that all competitive events have elements of chance, and the skill is in how you handle them. Some highly popular and competitive events (like poker tournaments) have chance and luck as central elements. That does not make them any less competitive, and less fair, or any less pure. As has been hashed over here time and time again, it takes skill to be able to compensate for bad luck, but it's definitely true that with chance elements in the equation, the best player won't win every single time.

This brings us to our tournaments. I designed this service not to be just for fun, nor as an ultimate measure of pure skill; my intent is somewhere in the middle, and thanks to all of your input, I think we've done a pretty good job with walking that line. I don't want our tournaments to be completely random, with no skill required, but I still want noobs and more casual players to have some hope of success. I think we can all agree (maybe) that hope is not a bad thing.

I do want these tournaments to be inclusive and welcoming. The library is for everybody, so our tournament events should be for everybody too. That means I want to have events that appeal to the highly serious players, but are also fun for beginners or rookies.

So, in the pursuit of offering something for everyone, the 4th championship season will still be Double Dash and Super Smash, with items, as we've discussed. It's quite clear that the presence of items in super smash does very little to keep the best players from rising to the top, and the chance elements are ultimately a benefit to everyone, except for the occasional superior player who loses a single match to a lucky noob. The regulation-style ruleset we used at the throwdown is not a dry-run for a Championship Season ruleset (other than testing the practicality and popularity of pool-style qualifiers), but, due to the success of the event, all our future smash throwdown (not part of the season) tournaments will continue to be regulation-style.

We will have another regulation smash tournament before the season starts, on Saturday, June 30, from Noon-5, just smash. With so much time, we should be able to have multiple pools, best of 5, all that crap. We'll also have another throwdown on a friday night somewhere during the fall. So, those of you who loved the regulation approach will find plenty to love. However, those of you who like the random elements and believe in hope will also find plenty of opportunity.

Mario Kart is an AWESOME tournament game. How can a game you can play on 8 tvs at once not be intended for tournaments? Monkey ball, Wario Ware, Pikmin... what makes a game great for a tournament at the library is not consistency of victory so much as it is a combination of fun accessibility for new players along with deep gameplay for veterans. Super Smash definitely offers that, but Mario Kart does too.

One final thought: all real-world competitions have elements of chance. That's where 'you win some, you lose some' comes from. Even relatively pure contests like the 100m dash are susceptible to random events, from the weather to loose shoelaces to a fart at just the wrong moment. Videogame tournaments offer a higher level of control over the parameters of the contest than could ever occur in the real world, so it makes sense to want to pursue an ideal format which could test for pure superiority.

At AADL-GT events, there's a place for that, but it's not for everyone. As thousands of other types of competitions show, the presence of chance elements does not invalidate the results of an event; and our line-up of different tournaments (and different tournament formats) for different audiences will continue to try to offer something for everyone, from the hopelessly hardcore to the hopeful noobs.

You may now resume your argument, already in progress.

Oh, and by the way, while I LOLed at the concept of 'AADL-GT: It Prints Money', it's not a good slogan for anything at the Library. We're a non-profit. We don't make money, we spend it. =)

Eli i like how u say i LOLed i laughed out louded. The saturday one i doubt i will be here. I might. That is a long smash tourney

wow, eli, nice post, i think that resolves all of our disagreements in a fair manner, thanks

the sad thing is i know where SNORK came from. XD

sigh i miss the golden days of The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Snorks, The Smurfs, Scooby Doo, etc. those were very good times in life...

wait, what does snork mean? cause those posts are still there...

wait nvm, i refreshed the page, and those posts have been fully "snorked", lol
It was actually from a GIF of Miyamoto holding a DS that prints money, but there have been other ones, such as a PS3 that says "IT EATS MONEY!"


Actually, matt, Iwata-san is holding it. =]

It's different for Poker, because Luck was an intended mechanic that's a huge part of the game, like betting and bluffing. And it's gambling, which is illegal for minors...

Anyways, I still think that Kart and Monkey Ball were suited for large parties, not competitive MLG-style tournaments, but I'm tired :(.

I always get those Nintendo higher-ups confused....

But Ken Kutaragi is different...LOL

i hope i can make it too the thing in june i might be on vacation

imma get get get get you drunk, get you love drunk off my humps.

What's this about 2006 DVDs? Can I get one?

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"


... or i'll BYAHHH you. and nobody wants to see that.

ELI, i need your help, today i went to the library to fix a problem with my old account (my library card number on that account was the same as my mom's, so i couldnt make any requests, or check anything out online)

the NE library told me to create a new online account with my library card number (instead of my mom's), and i did that, but now all my old stuff is gone, so i was wondering if you can transfer the info from the old FRIEDjellyWALNUT to this new one, because i wont be using the old one anymore

and if you think im not really michael song, i can answer any ID questions you need.

I'd appreciate it, thanks, and is it possible that you can change this user name to FRIEDjellyWALNUT?

or if you cant transfer the stuff, is there any way you can change the library card number associated with my old account to my library card number? (if you need my number, i can email it to you, i'd rather not post it on this blog)

duck isnt on the leaderboard anymore


(especially bassoons, eh Pickwick?)

Yes, indeedy, bassoons are awesome things. How did your band do, Sir?

Bass Clarinets > Bassoons :P
Dunno yet, howabout yours?

"duck isnt on the leaderboard anymore

Correct I changed my status to adult so I'm not listed.

Holder of posts 100, 200 and 300.
"Who's on first."

That's a good question. I don't know yet how my band did, because I rushed off immediately after the concert to my and Duck's robotics team's regional competition playoffs. We were part of the #2-seeded alliance of three teams (out of 59 attending the event,) and, twenty minutes after I rushed in the door, we won the Great Lakes Regional, the hardest of 37 such competitions across the world.

I haven't thought about band since.

Holder of post 10,369
First of all, I'm holder of post 10369!!

Second of all, Huron came in 37th at the Robotics Competition...Stupid first place team was going to pick us, but the Hot Stuff said not to.

Oh yeah thank you kind Huron Lady mentor that gave us a Hakama.

Well i have 2 minor points to make.

Since very little is being considered being changed for next year my idea is to slightly tweak the scoring system for mariokart playes. I know the scoring system isn't very important but if seeding is decided by it i thought this might consider some thought. The scoring system favors melee players i dont see how you can argue agnaist it. Mostly it comes down to more qualifactions and elimniation rounds as well as 60 points for losing an elimniation round.
So i would think of making a reduction of 60 to 30 pts for losing a melee round and posibly increasing the mariokart qual amount :).

On a totally different note i just looked at ballooneaters nextgen war thing. very interesting wii is killing the ps3 part of that is ps3 shortage but most people say the wii is better cause it adds a new element. It might even out sell the ps3. So that could make wii's at a tourtament much more favorable. Thats just something i thought of.
Sorry bout the long post
I'd bring my Wii and temporarily donate it to the cause of AADL...

PS3 Shortage? What PS3 shortage? Look around, they're everywhere. Practically every store that sells them has 2 or 3 in stock. Meanwhile, people are still having to line up before stores open to get a Wii. The PS3 isn't selling because nobody wants one! That will surely change as some actual desirable games start to show up for the PS3 (Little Big Planet looks absolutely fantastic), but right now, who would pay $600 for a game system without any good games?

The big news is how quickly the Wii is catching up to the 360. I think it will surpass the 360's sales long before Christmas. I'm hoping to get a few for the library... we've got a Wiisports tournament or two coming up over the summer, should be lots of fun.

As for the Pi Hi Samurai, congratulations, guys. My family actually attended the regional (I was out of town) and my wife said your purple robot was her favorite. =)

I do think that the scoring needs some tweaking, BD, to try to neutralize the Melee points advantage, especially as player ratings come into play. EJK and I talked a bit about off-season changes to the system, and we have some new ideas I want to run by you guys. I hope to have a new post up later this week with some details, so stay tuned.
I think the PS3's biggest drawback is its incredible price. The main reason that the PS2 is outselling all other consoles at this point is that there are simply a ton of games for it. If the PS3 can be given a little time to "age", I believe that the same library of games spanning all genres will be available for it.

/.My 2 cents

eli is there any way possible you can transfer my stuff to the other accout?

please, i know it looks like spam, but that person really is me.

ha ha made you look