Winter Break Gaming: Super Smash, Retro Octathalon ][, DDR, Pokémon and More!

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Midwinter Break is almost upon us, and that means videogames at the library! We've got a great schedule of events lined up for you, starting this Friday night with a Super Smash Bros. Melee Regulation Throwdown for Ages 13+, From 6-8:30 at the Downtown Library. Read on for full rules for this event. Then, on Saturday, 2/24, from 11-5 PM, we'll have our second annual Retro Octathalon for All Ages, an 8-game high score contest featuring great classic (pre-1990) games. Then, on Sunday, 2/25, from 1-4 PM, our DDR tournament series continues with an All-Ages DDR Tournament.

But that's not all! The games continue into the week, with a pair of Pokémon Tournaments from 1-4 and DS Fest / Open Play Events from 4-7, on both Monday 2/26 and Tuesday 2/27. So, if you're stuck in town this break, stay warm with gaming, food, prizes, and some serious competition at the Downtown Library! Read on for full tournament details.

First, the long-awaited ruleset for the SSBM Regulation Throwdown. This is a slightly modified version of the MLG SSBM Ruleset, which you can read in all its glory here. Here's how it's going to work:

No Items.

Banned Stages:
Yoshi's Island (Pipes)
Hyrule Temple
Great Bay
Brinstar Depths
Icicle Mountain
Big Blue
Mushroom Kingdom 1
Mushroom Kingdom 2
Yoshi's Island 64
Peach's Castle
Kongo Jungle
Poké Floats

Random Select Stages:
Final Destination
Yoshi's Story
Fountain of Dreams
Dreamland 64
Pokemon Stadium

Allowed Pick Stages:
Jungle Japes
Green Greens
Rainbow Cruise
Mute City

1st Round will be in the form of randomly assigned 4-player round-robin pools. Each player will play the 3 other members of their pool 1v1 and the 32 players with the best overall records in the first round will advance to the elimination rounds. Ties going into the top 32 will be broken by 'strength of schedule'; if you defeated someone who went 2-1, you're more likely to move on than someone who defeated someone who went 0-3.

All matches will be 1v1, 4 Stock, 8 Minute, but due to time constraints, not all rounds will be best of 3 matches. Pool matches will only be a single round against each opponent, but if time allows, quarterfinals and higher may be best of 3.

In the pools, with only 1 match per pairing, there will be only random stages, but once we move to best of 3, we will use Advanced Slobs picks. This means:

The first match is on a random stage. We won't have the staff to enforce Double-Blind character picks, but you can work that out with your opponent.

In the Second and Third matches, the loser of the previous match can either choose a random stage or select a stage from the random or allowed picks stages. The winner of the previous match then chooses their character, and the loser can then choose their own character.

Each of the 3 matches must be on a different stage.

Stalling / Camping / Hiding will not be tolerated. If you are spotted refusing to engage, you may be forced to forfeit one of your lives in that match.

I think that about covers it for SSB. Any questions / suggestions?

OK, moving on, here's the game list for the Retro Octathalon.

1. Paperboy, 1984.
2. Mappy, 1983.
3. Spy Hunter, 1983.
4. Jungle Hunt, 1982.
5. Donkey Kong, 1981.
6. Ms. Pac Man, 1981.
7. Rally-X, 1980.
8. Breakout, 1976.

The top 3 scorers in each age group (12 and under, 13-18, over 18) across all 8 games will be invited to the finals which will feature surprise retro games. Stop by any time during the day to try for high scores, even try more than one to improve your scores if time allows!

OK, hope to see you all there this weekend!


yay, first comment, grrrr, i wont be in town during break, im going up north, but the snow is melting, double grrrrrrrr

triple grrr, I'll have some extra copies of the 2006 GC DVD to give out to GC qualifiers at the Throwdown. Sorry FJW. We'll get you one sooner or later.

Haha, yes, another DDR tournament ^_^
I just hope my smashed-up toe heals before then (I'll be playing anyways, but I'd much rather do it WITHOUT a considerable amount of pain).

Wow i don't get the advanced slobs thing cause people will just put u as pikachu or bowser or something. I guess you are trying to make it professinal. What if more than 32 people show up for the first round

no bad driver, in the slob picks your opponent does not get to pick your character you do, they just get to counterpick or whatever

i might get there right at 6 so someone save a dvd for me, more ppl should come to this anyway so itd be less likely for me to be in a stacked pool :p

edit: if turnout is low is it possible to have best of 3 in the round robin? lol im not quite confident with my melee skills right now

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"why would i want your std?"

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Yes, BD, swordmaster is right, that wasn't clear. I've updated it. The loser (slob) just gets to pick their own character after the winner picks their own character so they can choose a good match. If turnout is really low, we might be able to do best of 3, but turnout isn't really ever that low for SSBM at the library... we usually have 80-100. We'll see. I'm expecting that more than 32 people show up for the 1st round, since only the 32 players with the best records in the pools will move on. Do you follow?

oh yeah i follow i just thought thered be not that many ppl since i havent been been to library tournaments not affiliated to the GC. And that one smash only tournament on a friday that i went to, not that many ppl came so i just thought that. Anyways im fine with what you have right now, cant wait. My first ever tournament with regulation rules lol

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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eli, thanks for saving a DVD for me, but i already got a copy thanks to TP2. And guys, please go to and click on tournement discussion for information on what may be the largest official smash tourney michigan has had in a while,

cisco (ownerer) is running this event, its this saturday, go to the other forum for details

Hilo evrybody! did u miss me?
i have had a life 4 the past oh, i'd say 2 months so i was to bust 2 come on here 4 the most part.
I realy hate the way the tornaments are forming, i loved season 1 and season 2 was ok 2 but now the tournaments are way 2 mele centered and it's not nearly as much fun. personally i don't really think we need to find out 4 the 1500000th time who the best mele people are because if you haven't noticed the same people win every time, and thats no fun :P. i really dont feel like starting any arguments so ignore my post if you disagree, all I'm saying is that i think this is not nearly as well fun and freindly as it used to be and i liked it the way it was. it used to be like a bunch of freinds that got together and had fun but now it too competitive. personally i hate no items 4 stock 8 min because there's no exitement, it's just the beter person wins, which i personally hav had enough of getting beaten by the same few people every time.
i sugest that we have mario kart only tournies as well if we're doing mele only tourneys, because i personally like mario kart more because there's more chance, I'm not jus saying this because I'm not that good anymore but because it's just so boring.

OOOOOH...I like how Eli used "][" instead of "II" for the Roman numerals....

*mumbles about the lack of goodness in DDR pads other than mine*

ok i understand now thank you for clarifying. Will you be starting at 7 sharp or since the toutament probally wont take that long (i'd guess 1hr-1 15 min) Will we got a lot of open play and i can do something so i can show up a little late

monkeyman, you bring up half of a legitimate point.

You are right, in 4 stock 8 time with no items, the better person will win. But this isnt boring, Monkeyman, if you spend all of your time owning noobs in FFA, you will not ever get any better at smash. Playing 4 stock 8 time against ppl that are much better than you is the fastest way to improve, especially if you ask them for pointers after the match. (Just look at how quickly the Roysters improved, from mediocre to godly status in a matter of 3 or 4 months)

As for mario kart, if you havent noticed, the same few ppl get the top places every time, just like smash. In team, its dominated by Tp2 and his brother, and in singles D-rex, TP2, Mike S., Doomblaze, me, and a few others could be counted on being seen in the final 8.

Skill matters Monkeyman, so you need to stop asking to change to rules to conform to your lack of it, and just work on improving your skills.

Monkey Man does have a point though. If we have melee tourtaments then why can't we have mario kart tourtaments. I think they would be fun.

And as for Monkey Man's social life....
We won't go there

I'm all for Mario Kart tournies, it would be great fun

everybody has to go to the open play on mon. and tues. cus i cant coem to the friday tourny

Is there by any chance going to be Guitar Hero at the open play days? If not, can I bring my PS2 and copy of Guitar Hero II and my guitar?
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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this will be my second tourney with regulation rules. pretty nice stuff. guess it's time for me to go up, 4-stock-rape everyone with bowser, and then tell cisco that i got some magical stuff in the backroom, kill him, then claim first prize. sure, i'll go to prison afterwards, but it's the principle of the thing that counts.

Eli, the way you avoid being arbitrary about the camping thing (and by arbitrary I mean, rulings you have to make where you don't have the full story, or something, and not seeing a specific game where camping is going on) in 1v1 is by using a time limit. Put it at 7 minutes or something.

The thing about stationary camping is that it sucks. Laser camping/Turnip camping etc. is a completely legitimate tactic, and is in fact one of the only ways Falco can manage to fight Marth on large flat stages (FD and Mute City). And one of the few ways Link can beat... anyone... anyways, it's crucial to a lot of characters' manner of play.

As for run away camp to stall, only the person in the lead would do that. They'll only do it if they have a very small amount of time left (maybe a minute or less) since they'll get caught eventually (unless it's Fox vs Bowser/Ganon, in which case Bowser/Ganon had no hope to begin with, but that's not the point. You can only infinte run away against them with Fox on Great Bay and other large gappy stages...but I digress). They'd only do it if there was so little time left that it'd actuall be worth something. Otherwise, it's the other player's fault for not catching him. The loser won't camp like that, because he's responsible for attacking the winning player. And if he does camp then it's his own fault for losing.

Anyways, camping is a legit strategy (not that I'm going to camp all of you ahhaa, I'm not a Peach player) and you should put a time limit on the matches to avoid camping from having any effect.

Cisco is correct. Super_correct.

If for instance someone chose Corneria in the match, and I was Falco, and my opponent was a Donkey Kong, a tactic I could use is run away from one end to another after I gain a stock up, and laser the hell out of Donkey Kong. When he comes at me, I run to the other side and do it again. Then when he is at a high enough percent I'll just dash cancel a d-tilt for another stock (granted DK has to have like 1,000,000% for that to work).

If my opponent cannot catch me, it's his fault. Cisco's 100% right. If running away and shooting and doing this over and over again is beating the opponent they really shouldn't be playing either that character or they should get better. Or not be that stupid.

With the stages you have allowed for us, there is virtually no set way to stall (like Peach on Fourside). And even with that, the opponent can just jump down and attempt to dislodge Peach (as a Marth proceeded to do back back when I was a camping idiot).

My main point is that if the opponent can't handle someone running back and forth then... that's really their problem. You shouldn't have to restrict someone's style of gameplay or tactics just to suit people who aren't as good.

You guys have good points and camping is kind of dumb in 1 v 1 but he doesn't want somone to get a cheap kill early and than run and float around all game. I think what cisco said with falco and peach camping and running while winning are all fine stragies

Saline does not have a midwinter break like you guys :(

anyways you guys worry too much about camping, the only stages you can really camp on are rainbow cruise, corneria, and pokemon stadium (when it changes to the rock thing). And as for falco lets be honest here, not many ppl can shl >.> and those who can are decent enough to not have to camp

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"why would i want your std?"

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Actually I'm more worried about people at really low levels abusing Fox Marth Sheik and Peach.

Falco is different because he runs so slowly.

Anyways, I think that the whole "running away after a cheap kill" is nonexistent. The losing player is responsible for making the move to acquire the next kill, not the winning player. And even then, there's really no such thing as a "cheap kill" if you make mistakes you make mistakes, and they're your fault. Take responsibility for them.


Sorry about the dubba poast. Anyways, finals, loser's finals, and winner's finals need to be best of 5! For those, I don't recommend turning on DSR, I recommend doing my DSR which is "No player can counterpick the stage he/she last won on." For best of 3 this actually functions the same as DSR except someone who loses can counterpick the stage he/she lost on.

Ms. PAC-MAN? I pratice at Pac-Man

I'm sorry Lain, but Falco vs. DK?

Couldn't you win without camping? :P

Who ending up winning

Oh I don't know 2 of the retro games. I guess I'll learn them when I get there.

"Who ending up winning"

Do you really need to ask?

i won, oroachimaru got second, lain got third, pickwick got fourth.

I'd just like to thank/congratulate Eli on a job well executed.

Yep, it was a lot of fun, and everything seemed to go without a hitch--until Lain won the third-place match, of course. That warn't supposed to happen.

I wouldn't recommend this set of rules for the GT, which is, I believe, in line with the decision you've already made. It works really well for the Melee Throwdowns, though.

Congratulations, Francisco, Phil, and ... er, Lain! (Is that your real name?)

i wish it was my real name! haha. my real name is Will

yeah i'm happy with getting third considering all the good people i had to face off against.

in my pool i had a scrub friend, a scrub, and swordmaster. of course i beat the scrubs no problem. i fought swordie and underestimated him. through a lack of brain power i decided randomly to choose captain falcon (who i haven't used in quite a while) instead of using my main, falco, or my secondary peach. i proceeded to get raped by him. 2stock'd. haha. gg.

then it was elimination time. i fought monkeyman. considering i sd'd 3 times on yoshi's island, and still won that match, i'm happy. 2-0

then i fought swordmaster's little brother. i underestimated him. hahah. i didn't think, he could possibly be THAT good. like, wow. he took the first match with ease (my falco vs. his marth). then i chose my peach against his marth. i believe in the end, we stuck with that duel and the final total came to 3-2. too close for comfort.

then old swordmaster. i felt a little sick, due to cisco telling me he'd mop the floor with me. and hearing many things. and the fact that he's the older brother of the one i fought last. but i chose peach first against his jiggs and 3-stocked XD. in total it came out to 3-1. XD nasty nasty rape.

then it was shin oroachimaru. wow. what a heated freakin battle. at first it was his sheik vs my peach. i took it down first on FD. 2-stock. then he switched to falco and i started getting some problems. he won one, i won one, then he won one. we were 2-2. it was extremely even. final match, my peach vs. his falco on FD. all i can say is he got the better of me at the end. we both had very high percent (one forward throw by me equaled death and almost ANY attack from falco equaled death) in the end i made a stupid mistake, he capitalized and he proceeded on. 2-3. gg dude. you were the best opponent i've ever played against. you don't count cisco. you're just a glob of nasty rape floatin' around. it's not even fair. aha.

then it was me and pickwick. he picked falcon and i decided on marth since well, marth has a huge advantage over falcon. i gay killed him mostly. then he won the next won. then it came down to my falco vs his falcon. close match, and you played a good game. 2-1.

overall i had a lot of fun. i wish these happened more often, or if rules such as these got instated into the aadl. i told about 10 people in my school and they were all psyched for it. they said overall they loved how the layout was and such. it worked out extremely well. please have this regularly? or make this the ruleset? haha.

a few things evry1 4 pwnin me 2 how the hek is sordmastrs brother so good? i played him an undrestimated him and he beet me :P (well i suicided like 2X but still) he like a protigy, i stinin der goin, you are like 6 years old you're supposed to not know how 2 hold the controler!
when does the retro octathalon start? because it says 11 and 12 so I'm not sure which.

Doors will open at 11, Monkeyman. Kip will be running most of the event, but I should be there in time for finals. Swordmasters' brother (I think his handle/name was Ike) is definitely someone to watch. He is very skilled without even considering his age... wow!

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it, it was pretty cool.

Hmm i heard Swordmaster's brother wasn't so great, maybe i should play his sometime :)

but lain, good job owning Rainier with peach, i might need to come back and 2 stock you in dittos again so you can go back to playing falcon :P



haha yeah hes pretty good, he was better before though when he played just marth exclusively. Anyways i gotta give lain props for beating me and almost beating shin, also pickwick who beat two of my friends in a row. Best tournament ive ever been to, hope theres more!

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For the record, I would just like to point out that there are only sixteen capital letters in lain's entire long post.

And people say that the internet is killing our English skills. Bah! They have no proof!!

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Hey Tom, I think you'd get better results if you critiqued Monkeyman's brilliant posts :)

Hey Ryan, can i borrow ur DVD ( Im assuming u got 1) since i am right now, unable 2 come 2 the tourneys...
or pick one up 4 me if there r any left
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

Nishant, I think Tom's assuming that your point has already been firmly established. I don't know if you saw it, but a few GT topics ago, a device called the "Gematriculator" calculated one of Monkeyman's posts to be approximately 87% evil.

How goes life in Illinois?

AAHHHHH i forgot to get a dvd last night!!

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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Well Pickwick let's just say if you look outside here, you'll see a block of white nothingness :o


damn i could of got third


maybe not :o

you wouldn't have beaten me.


DAMN i forgot to get a dvd also. maybe i'll pick one up at the library tomorrow. after i win ddr : o

but yeah sword you're pretty damn good i still have to say. it was nice fighting you.

and is it so wrong that i'm too lazy to capitalize things?

thats the first time i ever heard riley swear.....

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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I won the rectro octathalon. John(inabox) got second and my brother got fourth.
no one was there though:( The only other turnament person there was duck. He got like 9th.


Wait, what do you do at the "DS Fest"?

So, my tournament ended yesterday. Lain got 13th, I got 5th, Shin got knocked out by AS$ (who knocked out Lain) then by Acro (who is by far AS$'s superior). I knocked both of them out in Loser's (AS$ and Acro). To give you an example of how good Acro is, he fourstocked Shin Oroachimaru with Mewtwo.

My first match was against random noob, I won 2-0. Then I had to play Bigy, a Marth/Falcon player. I was very worried because in the first match Fox vs Marth, he two stocked me on Mute City. However, it wasn't a back-and-forth type of twostock. It was a he-did-something-and-didn't-get-hit-for-the-rest-of-the-game type of twostock. However, I took him to Battlefield and twostocked him back with Fox. He counterpicked Yoshi's Story (arguagbly Marth's best stage vs. Space Animals) and I twostocked him again. I then played some mediocre player (RashTuvai I think), but ended up playing HochiMinhTrail later on. He three stocked me ICs vs Fox, then I beat him Marth vs Fox on Rainbow Cruise (my counterpick) and then he ruined me ICs vs Fox again.

Then I went to the loser's bracket, and as AS$ played ItoBandito, Acro played KyleD. Lain would play the winner of AS$ vs ItoBandito, and I would play the winner of Acro vs KyleD. KyleD was a random scrub so I played Acro, and AS$ barely beat ItoBandito but they both get ruined by Acro. I played Acro and beat him 2-0, then beat AS$ 2-0, then played Mikey Lenetia. Mikey Lenetia 2-0'd me with Peach, and that was me in 5th place.

1st Mikey Lenetia
2nd Dope
3rd Needle of Juntah
4th HochiMinhTrail
5th ME :)

1st Mikey Lenetia and Needle of Juntah
2nd Dope and Hochiminhtrail
3rd Acro and Drape
4th Ballrest

There was also teams. I teamed with Shin Oroachimaru because neither of us had a teammate. We lost to RashTuvai and ItoBandito in the first round, then got a bye, then played a rather unknown team and won, then lost to Anther and AS$. Shin was killing me a LOT :(.

Singles Entrants: 29 players
Teams Entrants: 14 teams
Total in Attendance: 33 people

only 33 ppl?

and i lol'ed at the thought of shin playing teams with friendly fire on

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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lain, I wasn't insulting your post. I was marveling at your ability to go that long without capitalizing the beginning of a sentence.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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33 people is actually pretty sizable, considering everybody who goes would probably beat you. The largest SSBM tournament ever recorded was FC6, 200 some people in attendance.

The average country size tournament is 100 people or so.

The average regional size tournament is 50 people.

The average state tournament is 25 people.

Anyways, Lain had a much easier bracket than Shin, for the most part. Regardless, here you go:

1: Mikey Lenetia ($150.00)
2: Dope ($90.00)
3: Needle of Juntah ($30.00)
4: HochiMinhTrail
5: Sheepyman
5: Bigy
7: Anther
7: AS$
9: Kail
9: Dirj
9: Acro
9: Lain
13: Valban
13: Virgil
13: KyleD
13: ItoBandito
17: Luigimastertae
17: Espio
17: AlreadyAway
17: Greg
17: Rash
17: THD
17: Rob
17: Communism
25: Treya
25: CommofDoom
25: Petre
25: Shin Oroachimaru
25: Botulism
25: Trespayne

mmm. 12th out of 33. i can live with that! at least i didn't get crushed. so i know i can hold my own for the most part against the okay players there (AS$ and such)

so who is coming to open play

Lol Will, you would've been 13th if I came :P

mmm trashtalking :P

i quit playing smash and mariokart until the GT starts next year

ok, just as long as you dont keep saying "i suck cause i havent been playing since the grands" cause thats REALLY annoying

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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ive only said that like once, and its true, but dont worry, i'll get good again, and win it all again next year

hahaha. that's some Pocket Rockets ; ) trash talk right there.

i'm coming to open play with pwnerer, hung_lo, and piano black.

btw i welcome all money matches in smash bros against me (except from cisco).

thanks eli for the aadl-gt dvd. i skipped through all the DD matches matches. that's boring stuff.

also, why are some people just REALLY BAD at smash bros but think they're awesome? i went to ddr yesterday (which i owned btw) and i walked up to the group of people who looked like they knew what they were doing (keyword: looked). i asked to play the best guy and they were like "oh this guy is." i thought cool maybe a challenge while i wait for ddr. i was dead wrong.

like... i can't even begin to explain how bad he was... it was a falco ditto first match. i thought maybe i'll have some trouble with this one. he chose corneria (i have no idea why). and... for the first minute of the match, he just kept side-b'ing. like... wow. long story short in that embarrassing match i three stocked him. so he told me "yeah i GUESS i'll break out my best character for you". i replied back "i'll still three stock you ; )". haha. well surprise surprise his best character was apparently kirby. and surprise again he chose corneria, and did the dash attack, and up b attack. that was it. 4 stock'd (obviously)

it was so... bad... and then i played a link payer. and wow. haha. that was REALLY bad. after 2 and 3 stocking him several times with my falco, i decided to play bowser. and i 4-stocked him. twice in a row. haha. they were all telling me how bowser is so good, and he's such a powerhouse and awesome. O_o i really have no idea.

well i guess i said this at 5:30 in the morning just due to tired ranting about bad-ness at smash. i was mad that i didn't get to play anybody decent except Okiyama, who actually knew what he was doing and talking about, AND i was mad at the blissful unawareness of a few select players. anybody else have experiences like this?

lol on friday i saw a fox vs samus and all the fox did was firefox, the match finished when there was like 30 seconds left 0_0

anyways i cant come to open play cause i have school -_-

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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lain i gota play u today it sounds liek you are probably better than me now and im whoopin out my ness today

yea at open play me,friend jonathan {sucks},okiyama maybe,maybe rafalofosen bros.,and bigtummy/chubbly/chris

i might decide to drive to open play later, but i cant stay there for long, but i would like to play you lain, with my ICs (which i quit, i got tired of getting owned by Marths and Peaches with my ICs), and with my Sheik (My current main), and finally with my Peach (simply because you play Peach, and I always 4 stock shin with my peach, no matter who he is using, usually either fox or sheik)

and if i decide i have a chance, i will MM you, max 10 dollars

btw, will the stations be set up during the DS fest, because i dont think i can make the 4-7 time for the actual open play, but i can surely make the 1-4 time

lol he'd probly sandbag so youd think youll have a chance and mm him

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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DS Open Play today!!!

who'll be there?

OMG IM FINNALY BACK ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!! lol so im going to the free play thingy today... yup
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swordmaster has the right idea. haha. and it sounds like a good one.

and yes i saw that fox too. haha. pathetic

somebody come to open plyay!


The retro octa-thing was pretty fun, the games kind of caught me by surprise, though. My sister was pretty good, and got into the final...Finals. I screwed up in Gauntlet in the finals, which sucked.

I might go to DS Fest/Open Play tomorow, and bring a few games.

ok today i couldn't go to open play, but tomorrow i am. so if i have any moneymatchers please come with your money and an envelope addressed to me.

who r u deepfried?

Well, I go to Huron, and I'm asian.

awesome! that means your in

ill be at the thing 2day too

what's today?

Open Play and DS fest. (4-7)

(And Pokemon from 1-4)

Hey DeepFriedCo, are you going to the regular season events also?
cause if you are, you will make Huron's presence at these tournies even stronger (5 out of top 8 spots last year)

if you are good, you can join my clan
You share 5 letters with my name, YAY!!!

I kind of suck at SSBM, I can only wavedash 25% of the time, and I fail at SHFFLing.

uhh yeah so someone should hold a smash/mkdd fest during the off season

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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at DeepFriedCo, thats ok, only 2 people my clan know how to wavedash at all, and thats me and Limabean, and I'm looking to upgrade our smash skills, because our clan will dominate at mario kart, and no one can argue with that (if you want to, bring it on), we just need to get better at smash

i main sheik/ICs/Peach and Marth, but i can put a fight with everyone else too (who do you use, and are you at least halfway decent at mario kart), anyway, what year are you, im a sophomore

im maining ness now

thats james co
you know him!!

is it alright if my friend maybe joins, he is as good as me at melee and i think he is better at cart

james co?

arghghg, he sucks at smash,


I think I did kind of good today at free play. First I was playing with this kid who claimed you could unlock Mew, and a screaming kid who kept saying I sucked because he didn't know how to do a smash attack. Then when it was almost over, I played with 2 middle school looking kids and some dude named lain. I think I did kind of decent today.

...And you've never seen me play >_> I've improved over the last few hours, I can wavedash 26% of the time now!

im sorry james, but you're gonna have to do better than that, all of the good smashers here can wavedash and SHFFL over 95% of the time, and I'm not even the best person here, not even close actually

and were you that noob fox or falco that lain owned?

Sorry bout now making open play wish i could've. FJW your clan isnt really the best in kart u and mike S. are good but u 2 arent a clan. If you add d-rex you'll be pretty good though

haha wait did you know i was there today friedJELLY?

i owned... everyone except cisco and one other guy who came in from eastern michigan cause cisco invited him. pikachu ownage ftw

yeah i got some MM out here :D hehe. i played some random guy and won $10 off him, then i won $3 off limabean. $13 is nifty for playing smash for 3 hours.

man i'm good. almost... too good some circles would agree.

oh and deepfriedco, are you that asian guy that asked if the station was open when i was 1vs.1'ing someone, and then we played a free for all on station 1 with 2 kirby's?

and btw i'm still waiting for MM from others. such as friedJELLY, swordmaster, pickwick, omega, and others considering themselves "good". still waiting for a loss. hehe. pwnerer, obviously doesn't count, as fighting him would be equivalent to having my legs torn off by my arms--which would be broken afterwards. at least with those people it's mostly equal grounds.

btw should i be depressed? because i have the feeling there will be no open play or tournaments for like 9 years.

yeah i feel that too, though if theres another one it needs to be scheduled right, and by that i mean to my preferences :p cause tracks starting in 2 weeks

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!