Patron Comments Module Released

We've decided to release the source code that drives our handling of patron comments; It was one of the first custom drupal modules that our dev team developed for our use here at the Ann Arbor District Library when we started with drupal 4 in 2005. It was migrated to drupal 6 along with the rest of the site in 2009. It stores comments both from online and our record of hand-written comment cards. It also handles the thousands of title suggestions we receive online every year.

Currently we have just over 46000 comments stored in the system, and every time you contact us, we save it. Don't forget that in addition to submitting a comment, you can browse the comments that we have published for public information, good, bad and everything in-between.

About the module itself: it's written for drupal 6, and requires a fair amount of custom setup in a MySQL database by hand before all the pieces fit together properly. If you want to give it a spin, make sure you look at the README.txt file for installation and setup procedures. Grab it from our github repository at the link below.